This Canadian Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist Takes Pride in His Lebanese Origins

Being a great rapper with super cool music, Chris Saghbini deserves recognition in his country of origin. Chris, who goes by the name Nayef in his career life, was born in the Canadian capital of Ottawa in Ontario to Lebanese parents. This 26-year young artist didn’t always have it easy when it came to his race, especially at school, which drove him to start writing lyrics at the age of 9.


His first step into making and recording music was a band called “3Dogs” that he started with his cousins in high school. Hearing his own voice through the speakers for the first time ever, Nayef knew this was meant for him.

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Feeling far behind all the other local artists in the city, Nayef launched into studying techniques, rhyme schemes, and wordplay that other rappers used, in hopes of finding his own. He took a year off after graduating at 18 and traveled to Toronto to take an Independent Musician course.


Upon moving back to Ottawa, the rapper was funky old-school. Later, he experienced with mixing his style with modern music. His songs contain the soul of classic hip-hop plus quality content.

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This musician has made many collaborations with various singers/rappers as well as a tour around Ontario. This is when he really began gaining recognition and fandoms in his city, coming up with songs like N.P.A, 24/7, No Way, etc.


Until this part, Chris was known as “C-Note” before deciding to go with his middle-name Nayef, thus embracing his origins and background, which gives him special authentic qualities and uniqueness as a singer and songwriter in Canada.

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Right now, Nayef is touring Ontario again as KingCon’s main supporting artist on the I’m Hungry Tour. He also formed OTTOlife, a Hungry Squad affiliate, and is working on further collaborations.


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We take pride in seeing talented Lebanese people doing awesome things anywhere in the world, and we hope that this artist along with others like him set an example of how cool it is to be Lebanese!

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