This Group Is Bringing Hundreds of Young Lebanese Descendants to Visit Lebanon

Two hundred young Lebanese descendants are preparing to visit Lebanon this summer for a week-event organized by the Youth of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCUY) titled LEBolution.


Via Jablna Magazine

LEBolution is a world gathering event for the youth of the Lebanese diaspora. It initiated in the summer of 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and in cooperation with a wide range of Lebanese municipalities and collaborators.

Every two years, the WLCUY connects young LEBolutioners with their roots through cultural, touristic, social, and humanitarian activities around Lebanon. 


The third edition of LEBolution will take place from 21-31 July 2019, where 200 young men and women (between 18 and 35) will participate from 18 different countries.

Via Jablna Magazine

The aim of this program is to bring closer together the distance between these young people and the homeland of their parents and ancestors, as they get to see and know Lebanon for the first time. 


Via Jablna Magazine

The Secretary-General of WLCUY, Roger Hani, has been holding a series of meetings in Lebanon, accompanied by WLCU Youth President Sergio de Los Ríos Feghali, and WLCU Youth Secretary-General Christina Salamy, and that in order to finalize the details of LEBolution 2019.

In that regard, Mr. Hani said, “The young people participating in the campaign will visit archaeological and tourist sites and a number of villages and towns throughout Lebanon, and will be able to identify their roots.”


During their stay, the participants will be accommodated at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Mountain in Fatqa. It is planned that the Ministry of Tourism will provide free buses for their group transportation through the country, and their commuting will be accompanied by members of the Internal Security Forces.


From his side, Mr. Hani thanked the Ministry of Tourism for sponsoring the youth trip,  and the Army Command and the Internal Security Forces for their protection. He also thanked the Ministry of Culture that will open the doors of the museums for free to the participants, the Hariri Foundation that will host them in Sidon, and all the municipalities of the regions and the villages that will be included in the trip.


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