This Is How Annahar Paid Tribute to the Lebanese Women of the Revolution

Since the onset of the Lebanese anti-government protests on 17 October, Lebanese women have been at the front lines playing a leading role, rocking across all Lebanese areas, fearless and courageous, inspiring many other women worldwide.


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The Lebanese Annahar newspaper decided to pay tribute to these Lebanese women who are the change-makers and the partners in the fight and protests, through an initiative that acted as a call to establish the concept of equality in the essence and roots of awareness.


On Thursday, October 31st, Annahar, which means The Day, issued a unique edition created exclusively for the Lebanese women. In this edition, Annahar rebranded its name to become Naharouki, which translates into Your Day when said to a woman or a girl. Photos of the Lebanese women in the revolution filled the newspaper’s name.

What stood out the most in this edition is that the newspaper took a bold move and changing the lyrics of the Lebanese national anthem by adding the word “women” to the sentence that referred only to men:

All for the country, for the glory, for the flag

From the beginning of centuries, our pencil and sword

Our field and mountains are making the women and men

Our word and work on the way of perfection

All for the country, for the glory for the flag


This beautiful tribute was welcomed by almost everyone, women and men who in their turn rushed to get a copy of this edition and shared photos on their own social media accounts, using hashtags that were created by Annahar #نهاركلامرأة  #naharouki.

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Lebanese women from all ages and walks of life have been participating and even some leading these protests for 18 days now. That despite being attacked in their honor and dignity by some of the unprofessional media outlets and other vulgar people who have been objectifying and belittling the women of the Lebanese Revolution online and on air.


To those ugly minds, we insist on reiterating:  Stop attacking the women of the Lebanese Revolution. They have the same equal rights as men to demand a better country, for them, for their children, for their nation.

This revolution, along with its crucial demands, is theirs as it is to all. They are the pillars on which Lebanon stands and perpetuates. They were always and always will be.

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In that, we totally concur with Annahar that our national anthem finally recognizes them and their values to this nation equally to men. It is not unseen that countries have done so with their national anthem in recent years. Canada is among these conscious countries. It is time we do so as well. 

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