This Is How Middle East Airlines Celebrated Lebanon Independence Day

The celebration of the 76th independence of Lebanon was indeed special and unique this year;  all Lebanese women, men, children, and elders from all sects took part in patriotic events and activities across Lebanon, abroad, and even in the sky.


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Middle East Airlines (MEA) took part in the national celebration this year as well, celebrating the 76th independence in their own way, and through different initiatives taken on board. 

During their flights on Friday, November 22, the MEA flight attendants distributed a candy-colored Lebanese flag to the passengers of the plane and took pictures with them.


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Passengers onboard welcomed this initiative as they appeared happy taking photos with the flight attendants. They also took to their personal Instagram, sharing their moments as they engaged with each other and the flight attendants.  

That same day, the MEA crew celebrated their country’s 76th independence, standing respectfully as they sang the national anthem, along with captain Rola Hoteit.


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From their side, the MEA Cadets sent their special greetings to the Lebanese nation, posting on Instagram a photo taken for the occasion, with the caption, “Wishing you a Happy Independence day from MEA Cadets.”

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Lebanon’s 76th independence witnessed different and exceptional plans, events and initiatives.

From the symbolic military parades and the large civic parade to celebratory crowd gatherings and independence day concerts to environmental initiatives and planting cedars to honor the martyrs of the Lebanese Revolution, and others, the nation was this year the true meaning of independence.

What stood out as unique as well is that many of the Lebanese expatriates have previously decided to fly back home to join their Lebanese fellow protesters for a meaningful celebration of Lebanon’s Independence Day. 


“We’re flying back to give independence a new meaning!” was their slogan. And, indeed, in spite of many airlines canceling trips to Lebanon the night before, thousands flew into Lebanon to show their support for the Revolution.

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Many Lebanese people abroad also celebrated their country’s independence, holding various celebrations and uniting from far with their nation and people in the homeland.


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