This Is How the People of Tyre Are Pushing Back Against Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

It’s no secret that Lebanon’s economy is in terrible shape these days. It’s been in a constant state of decline for around 8 years now. Of course, it goes without saying that the bad economy is negatively impacting the lives of the Lebanese people every day. But even during the current crisis, these same people shine through with their noble acts of compassion and humanity.


In the southern city of Tyre, as in many other areas in Lebanon, numerous Lebanese lead difficult lives and struggle to make ends meet due to different factors. The already tough living conditions are worsened as the harsh winter grows nearer. Now, with the sharply declining economy, the struggle is further amplified.

But Tyrians are known for their overflowing generosity, and this is being demonstrated today through their heartwarming reactions to the recent dire circumstances.

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One such example is a local welfare initiative being taken by some activists in Tyre; they are gathering donations, buying groceries like rice, vegetables, water gallons, and bread, in addition to clothes, and placing them inside a designated shop in the middle of the city.

Moreover, to make sure no one shies away from entering, they covered the storefront with posters and handwritten signs that say: “Brethren citizens, do not feel embarrassed” and “We are [here] for one another.” One sign urged those who can help to donate whatever they can spare.



In a similar, but humbler act, a local fisherman named Ibrahim Al-Ashkar is giving away his daily catches to the needy families of Tyre. He takes his need from the 5 Kg (average) of fish that he earns and distributes the rest to those who need them the most.

Ibrahim’s relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers have tasted his fish and benefited from his kindness and humanity.



In Al-Hosh (a suburb of Tyre), resident Mohammad Kobaisy is providing, with the help of a group of locals, food, groceries, and other basic needs for disadvantaged families and individuals in the area. To support them, please call 715 98918.

Samer Korjiyeh is another generous citizen from Tyre. He owns a cellphone retail and maintenance store in the city. Since December 5th, he’s been stockpiling bags of bread in his store and giving them away to whoever is in need. Via his Facebook page, Samer invited people who can’t afford bread to visit his store and help themselves for free.

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In another generous act of compassion, a clothes store in the Maseken area (a suburb of Tyre), announced that they are donating clothes on Saturdays and Sundays for people who can’t afford any. On other days, the store receives donations in the form of used clothes and sells them for low prices, then donates the money to the poor.

Furthermore, the sweets shop Mono Al-Nabil, also located in Tyre, has been recently selling sweets at a lower price than usual and is inviting people to take what they need for free if they can’t afford to pay. 



Medicinal drugs are also being provided in Tyre and other areas for free to those who need them but can’t afford them. The group managing the initiative are accepting donations of drugs that have valid expiry dates, and then proceeding to give them away, upon request, to the needy. To make a donation, please call 816 38552.

These humane initiatives are a small example from one city in Lebanon. Many people from other areas around the country are coming together to assist their local families to push through these tough times together. These examples prove once again that the Lebanese are always united, always together in the face of difficulty.

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