This is What Lebanese Travelers Are Saying About Beirut Airport’s New Security Checkpoint

It has become obvious that huge efforts are being allocated, and for months now, to improve Beirut Rafik Hariri airport in order to reduce hardships on the passengers and facilitate their transition throughout the airport.


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A few months ago, the Lebanese Cabinet approved a new expansion project to be implemented at the airport.  Minister of Public Works and transport Youssef Fenianous described it as “one step in a journey of a thousand miles.” Accordingly, the first stage of the project was launched, adding more than 38 passport control counters to the arrivals hall.

Three weeks ago, and in order to reduce traffic and ease congestion at the airport, the pre-check-in and post-check-in scanners in the departure hall were finally removed and they were replaced with one main security checkpoint.


The removal of these scanners resulted in faster departures, especially that the luggage of the passengers get inspected at the main check-in point directly, and through a new baggage handling system that was upgraded. From there, the passengers now head directly to the Lebanese General Security.

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After these scanners were removed and a new security checkpoint was added,  passengers felt a radical positive change at the airport. We’ve heard their feedback on their great experiences as they went on commenting on the FB post of our previous article reporting the changes.


Here are some of the comments of our fans on FB, with the family names reduced to the first letter for the purpose of discretion.

Marina K.: “Indeed, I had a flight Saturday morning, everything went smoothly.”

Costa B.: “This is true. I have just completed check-in, security and passport control in 30 minutes. I felt I was in Frankfurt. The security scanners are the same as those in the west. Lines were moving fast, security personnel very helpful. Passport control was very efficient for Lebanese, a bit longer for foreigners but that’s expected. That’s one hell of an improvement!! Credits to be given when due!”

Joe D.: “I always felt very safe traveling in and out of this airport.”

Kru J.: “Good job, finally small steps make a difference.”

Nader F.: “It’s a good first step. Show that Lebanon’s airport security is real, and applies to everyone regardless of finances.”


Just a few days ago, public WiFi and 5G fixed wireless services were launched as well at the airport, providing connectivity that matches international standards. The services are open to passengers at the airport through the public WiFi, and to enterprises and airport staff through the 5G fixed wireless.

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