This Is What Michel Hayek Just Predicted for the Middle East in 2020

On New Year’s Eve, Michel Hayek made his customary and long-awaited appearance on Lebanese television to quell the thirst of his eager audiences with his predictions for the upcoming year of 2020.

In addition to his predictions for Lebanon, he foresaw very interesting things for Middle Eastern countries. Here is everything he predicted would happen in the Middle East in 2020, in the order he followed:


  • After “Cheers Nation,” the nation will drink to the legendary comedian Duraid Lahham.
  • A day like no other at the grave of Sayyidah Zaynab.
  • Bashar al-Assad leases an essential file to his brother Maher al-Assad.
  • A spotlight-stealing appearance for one of Bashar al-Assad’s children.
  • Bashar al-Assad uncovers to the public the al-Assad dynasty.
  • Some scenes in the streets remind people of 2011.
  • A tremor in the “lessons of Syria.”
  • A Syrian director’s name will be a major one among the well-known names.
  • Advanced Israeli aircraft reeling in the sky of Syria in an astonishing manner.
  • A perilous race to float Bashar al-Assad.
  • The improvement of the Syrian-Lebanese relations takes everyone by surprise.
  • Profound shocks in both Syrian military aircraft and intelligence.
  • This year’s Damascus International Fair will be the “Fair of Fairs” in the region.
  • The Syrian woman will be crowned with stars.
  • The pivotal signature – and signatures – will headline Syria’s new history.
  • An operation inside the 4th Armoured Division will incite speculations that it is an overthrow attempt.
  • We will see President al-Assad in a military uniform.
  • Walid Muallem in one of the significant missions that will, most likely, be the last.

  • Al-Assad hands reins of governance to young promising faces.
  • In a proactive step, President al-Assad will not wait for 2021.
  • Strikes vibrate and shake the Russian presence in Syria.
  • More publicity and a new concern awaiting artist Asala.

Saudi Arabia

  • In its highest authorities, Saudi Arabia lands in Lebanon and Syria.
  • A shift in the routine state of the sleeping prince’s comatose.
  • The 2020 Saudi National Day will not resemble any other holiday.
  • All positions are bound to Bin Salman’s position.
  • A frightening calm inhabits Al Riyadh.
  • The Saudi ambassador in Washington leaves 2 fingerprints.
  • Al-Waleed bin Talal reprograms his life. And a surprise illness.
  • The documentary that will be displayed in the Saudi National Day will form an exceptional added value.
  • In light of a step taken in the scene of the kingdom, the names of the two princes Muhammad bin Nayef and Abdul Aziz bin Fahd resurface.
  • The “Surprise of Surprises” and the “Gift of Gifts” is presented by the king to the kingdom and its people.
  • Prince Mohammad Bin Salman engages the Khashoggi file without any need for any defensive position.
  • The images of Mohammad Bin Salman will be numerous, but one of them will cause people to lose their minds.
  • Terrorism opens a hole in the Saudi perimeter.

  • Barbed wires and a few barriers in Saoud Al Qahtani’s face despite his acquired exculpation.
  • Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, [the man] of proactive measures will dangerously make way to snatch the king’s title.
  • A Saudi royal move will be a precedent in favor of Christians.
  • The real estate market and the urban movement are on the verge of launching to break the stagnation.
  • The governor of Makka, Khalid bin Faisal, keeps the kingdom busy on multiple levels.


  • The voices of demonstrators in Egypt annoy the rulers.
  • Egyptian military airforce is called up in a surprising manner.
  • Arabic and international eyes shift to the northern Egyptian coast, which will steal tourism and tourists even from European countries.
  • The name of one of president Mubarak’s children, Alaa and Jamal, stirs controversy in Egypt.
  • Terrorism is able to breach the wall of the Copts; terrorism will not settle for [only] one act of terrorism on Egyptian lands.
  • The Coptic Pope Tawadros II appears in a worrisome picture.
  • An Egyptian military move will have a high cost.
  • The goal is lost in President el-Sisi’s [orbit]; whether he or someone close to him is the goal becomes ambiguous.
  • Artist Yusra worries her fans and loved ones.
  • Tutankhamun in a new chapter of his amazing secrets.

  • Sherine is the subject of breathtaking news.
  • Ramadan’s “Valentino” show will become a milestone in Adel Emam’s career.
  • Over the course of 3 almost concurrent days, the Egyptian capital alone will be the “mother of events.”
  • In the coming year, the Liverpool team and football stadiums will be busy with the name Mohammad Salah.
  • In 2020, Amr Adeeb’s path will be met with chaos, as well as appearances that will be faced with offscreen missions.

United Arab Emirates

  • A Lebanese face in Emirates headlines the news.
  • Expo 2020 in Dubai transforms into what resembles a summit and Arabic councils.
  • A relapse in one of the days of Expo Dubai’s calendar.
  • The sky of Dubai is on fire.
  • Mohammed Al Maktoum passes one of the difficult tests and, with that, changes the negative into positive.
  • Minister Gargash of UAE is attacked, instead of him being the one to attack.
  • Princess Haya in an image that changes all standards.
  • Mohammed bin Zayed ventures and holds the “Arabic ball of fire” in his hands, to rejoin the detached.
  • A sudden alert in the UAE.


  • Palestinean authority is flipped upside-down.
  • Ebb and flow around the name Saeb Erekat.
  • A revolution in Palestine with Hamas in its forefront.
  • Palestinean art prevails in non-military battles.
  • The axis of battle this time around is the military bodies of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement.
  • Mahmoud Abbas causes several shocks, including one with which the name Arafat is involved.
  • A high-class Palestinean stealth/sneak mission ignites the depths of Israel.
  • The song “Ally Elkofiye” and artist Mohammad Assaf face challenges.


  • Kuwait uncovers a plan of a secret organization that has successfully undergone a huge operation.
  • The sun of Kuwait sets on a piece of sad news.
  • A water tide and a ground tremor shake Kuwait.
  • Unlimited optimism in Kuwait’s ability to prove its presence and effectiveness in many Arabic concerns.


  • Qatar attempts to break down the walls that stand between it and the UAE on one hand, and Saudi Arabia on the other.
  • The steps of the prince of Qatar drive him far from his destination and surround him with danger.
  • A prominent Qatari personality disappears without prior notice.
  • “Forces of sabotage” take advantage of the easy passage in and out of Qatar to strike its stability.
  • A shot is directed at Qatari media including Al-Jazeera.


  • Saad Lamjarred; a talent headed toward brilliance and will be a target of vengeance.
  • The king of Morocco punches a hole in the “wall of relations” with Arab leaders.
  • The Moroccan judicial body is targeted through the injury of one of its members.
  • A chaotic movement of change in Morocco.


  • A picture bordered by a frame of danger shows the Renaissance Party and the heart of Tunisia.
  • Worrisome security signals aimed at Tunisia’s diplomacy and its nationals inside and outside Tunisia.
  • The Tunisian president breaks all protocols in an appearance; he cares not for the exposure in security.
  • A significant disorder manifests in one of the security services; the Tunisian president’s term will be unenviable.


  • A thrilling assassination is considered a retroactive consequence of the revolution against Gaddafi.
  • Fayez al-Sarraj is temporarily resilient.
  • “Haftarian military madness” in one of the streets of Tripoli.
  • Awaiting Haftar events that will completely alter the expectations and reality.


  • Unusual speech in the place of the baptism of Christ.
  • The king of Jordan between national duty, adventure, and hobby.
  • A Jordanian “face of medicine” to world fame.
  • The treachery of a known face on Jordanian land.
  • Two revolutions in Jordan; one of tourism and one of demand.


  • Sudanese unrest and ebullition in the streets
  • Concurring shakes awaiting the government and transitional council; and a proof.
  • Alterations in “the equation” of Bashir’s imprisonment.


  • A terrorist cell prepares for a variety of targets, among which are “heads.”
  • The Algerian president stands between two threats.
  • One of the options for governance is directed towards a lady.
  • International achievements for Algerian arts, headed by cinema.


  • Amidst the fire and destruction, football remains on top.
  • The highest levels of ebullition in the airports of Iraq.
  • From the Mother of All Battles to the Mother of Conciliations in Iraq.
  • A new Iraq policy is drawn with the blood of Iraqis.


  • Prominent personalities take refuge in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain stands resilient in the face of two tremors; one is of nature and the other of security.
  • Lights are shed on a trip taken by the king of Bahrain.
  • The solidity of positions in Bahrain is broken.


  • A first step outside the Yemeni tunnel.
  • Big heads outside the security and military conventions.
  • A significant improvement in diplomacy flips Yemeni matters upside-down.


  • Unexpected surprises at the Wailing Wall.
  • Multiple fronts simultaneously ignite, shaking Israel.
  • Israel will plan for a military operation to lift the morale of its army.
  • A part of Netanyahu’s past and future victories will turn into defeats.


  • An Iranian violation in the depths of Israel.
  • Threats will not remain threats, and the headline is Hormuz canal.
  • Painful reactions to and from the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif.
  • Increased danger at the Bushehr nuclear reactor.


  • The overthrow and absence of major faces of the Muslim Brotherhood, even outside Egypt.
  • Ramez Galal pays a heavy price.
  • A terrorist ISIS operation prepared by the new generation.
  • Imam Ali is a name that sweeps crossings, checkpoints, and borders.
  • Question marks over the way Baghdadi was killed.
  • Airspace is open between Israel and Iran.
  • Drastic measures awaiting Erdogan’s son-in-law.
  • Turkey’s Foreign Minister at a “risky political and security junction.

Get to know everything Michel Hayek predicted about Lebanon 2020.

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