This Is What Michel Hayek Predicted About Rafic Hariri Airport

The Phoenix Daily

Michel Hayek, a well-known Lebanese psychic, has expressed deep concerns about the future of Rafic Hariri International Airport.

According to Hayek, the airport is not only a matter of concern for him but also for many others. He warns that there are numerous entities, surprisingly not limited to Israel, who do not wish to see the airport prosper.

Hayek further emphasizes that the airport will soon become a major focal point that will attract a lot of attention.

In his own words, Hayek said: “Regarding the airport, I tell you that it has me concerned as it has many people concerned. And I am scared of it and worried about it. And the ones who don’t want the airport to flourish are many and you will be surprised a lot if I tell you it’s not only Israel. In fact, a lot of people who were considered friends of Lebanon too. But this place will be the center of attention and everything will be about it.”

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