This Is What Tripoli Looks Like After Removing All the Posters of Politicians

On Thursday, November 7, and on the 22nd day of the ongoing Lebanese anti-government protests, a number of protesters roamed the streets of Tripoli and removed all posters of politicians mounted across the public properties, and replaced them with Lebanese flags.



The protesters in Tripoli have previously decided to initiate this massive cleaning campaign, by issuing a statement saying that Tripoli has collectively decided to remove all the political posters plastered across the city on Thursday, November 7.

On early Thursday morning,  a group of protesters roamed the streets of the northern city of Tripoli where movements have been relentless since the protests erupted on October 17, chanting “Remove Photos and Put Flags.”


The way they removed these posters from walls, roundabouts, and electric poles was very civilized and peaceful. They proceeded as follows: Every time they would stop at a poster or a series of posters, they would inform the people around that they intend to remove them peacefully, and would ask for the owner to remove them.

When the owner, who had initially plastered them on the wall or hanged them, would not show up, a young protester would climb up, take it away, and replace it with the Lebanese flag.



Via Nazir Halwani / Al-Araby

Many activists considered this campaign as a major achievement, for a particular reason. The city of Tripoli was described as a “forest of images” due to congested building facades and electricity poles with oversized posters of deputies, presidents, and military commanders.

They also stated that this campaign has turned the page of the past. Hanging political posters around the city was a “business” where unemployed or needy people would get paid by different politicians to hang their posters around and on their balconies.


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The removing of political posters started actually in Tripoli on the second day of the protests. On October 18, local demonstrators went on removing oversized posters of former Prime Minister Najib Mikati and MP Faisal Karami in the region of al-Mina.


And now… the call has been launched to proceed with the same “cleansing” of all political posters and political party flags all across Lebanon on Saturday, November 9th! Check it out: Lebanon to Remove All Political Photos and Party Flags this Saturday. 

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