This is What You Need to Know About the Lockdown Rules in Lebanon

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As of March 23rd, Lebanon has 267 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The government has released curfew that seems a bit ambiguous and people are not sure of what they can and cannot do. So here is what you should know:

According to security forces, you are permitted to leave your house only for essential reasons. That includes medicine, food, and work, and it is recommended that only one family member does the shopping.

However, home delivery is much safer especially that many restaurants and supermarkets in Lebanon now deliver, if they are not closed.

Social distancing has become everyone’s main concern. Supermarket delivery personnel are mandated to wear gloves and masks for their safety and the safety of others.


Consequently, most supermarkets are taking social distancing more seriously by providing specific hours for the elderly. Other supermarkets are limiting the number of customers permitted to enter at once.

According to the regulations mandated by the government, places that can continue operating are supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, and laboratories, according to their schedules.

Medication depots, providers of sanitary products, and financial services are open in the morning. Restaurants are only allowed to mobilize their home delivery services.


The government has prohibited outdoor sports, including walking-exercise, and any kind of activity in public areas like Beirut ledge. In addition, traveling within Lebanon from one area into another is prohibited unless strictly necessary.

Some districts in Lebanon have already put themselves under quarantine and are not allowing outside visitors. Groups and gatherings are also totally prohibited.

To ensure that these measures are taken seriously and people are complying, the government has deployed the police, municipal police, and the army. Roadblocks have been set up and patrols are in circulation at all times.

The Security Forces are giving out penalty tickets for anyone who is not complying with these regulations. The ticket’s value will be decided by the judge, and offenders will be brought before the criminal court.

On Monday, the army had to raid the Old Souks of Tripoli, ordered the crowds to go home, and penalized the opened stores. Similarly, McDonald’s in Ain El-Mreisseh got fined by the police for allegedly violating the lockdown rules.

As of Sunday 22 March, the Internal Security Forces had already issued over 200 fines, all related to the breach of self-quarantine and the lockdown. These measures are put in place for the safety of the people and the community.

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