This Lebanese Facility Is Helping Shape Our Tech-Driven Youth

For a while now, with the fast progress of technology, we’ve been saying that we are living the future. Fact is, the majority of us are not really living it but mainly exploring it, like kids with new toys, by trials and errors. 


We’ve been using technologies thrown in our hands from all sides without a real life-manual on how to best use them to our optimum benefits, and without falling slaves to them or putting ourselves in harm ways. While it is okay for us adults to manage through, it isn’t when it comes to our children and youth, who are similarly exposed. 

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With that concern in mind, Manal Hakim came up with a new education facility in Lebanon after she noticed the abundance of youngsters constantly observing screens and none to good use. She figured out a way they can put their knacks to good use and how they can best benefit from these technologies for even future endeavors.


That is how the Geek Express was born, to allow Lebanese children of all ages to put their intelligence to work, learning technology in depth and how to put it to good use. The available program in that facility digs deep into the minds of the young students in order to teach them ways of innovative and creative expressions.

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We are talking about real stuff here. These children have been learning programming, coding, mechanical engineering, java for electronic gaming and robotics, and at such a young age.


They are getting to enhance their mental development as they build new tech skills; skills they will come to master earlier in age to benefit them in their future fields of occupation and the progressing future.

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This facility is not a playing venue for fun, even if the children have been enjoying it. The program involves competitions and skills’ testing, which have been keeping the children motivated and engaged in their progress.


In fact, it might surprise you to know that Geek Express’ students have even won a competition at MIT, beating out students from Europe and Singapore. Talk about advanced learning!

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Yet, it is not really unexpected when you get to know that advanced engineers are training these students to ensure that they are receiving the most advanced and professional form of technology training. 


In addition to online classes for students around the world, Geek Express operates in multiple locations in Lebanon, so it is quite convenient for all parents wishing to start preparing their children to embrace technology intelligently and make the best out of it. 

Kudos to you Geek Express for thriving in empowering the youth of Lebanon!

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