This Lebanese Initiative Is Collecting In-Kind Donations for the Poorest Families

The #DFI campaign is a campaign launched in cooperation with the Bank of Egypt and Lebanon BML. It is a proactive winter campaign that transcends sects and denominations and aims to help the needy in Lebanon by securing their basic necessities. The slogan they follow is “Everything that is not necessary for you is necessary for us.”


The goal of the campaign is to collect, not money, but aid like clothes, blankets, electronic and home tools, cans, books, and stationery for poor families. The campaign is limited to collecting in-kind assistance exclusively, and not financial donations.

The usual location of the Dafa campaign is in Martyr’s Square where they collect the aids, with the help of hundreds of volunteers and sort them out, then send them later with equipped trucks to families in need. The process is done according to the regulations of, and lists given by, the Ministry of Social Affairs; a list of the poorest and most destitute families living in Lebanon.

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Dafa campaign is distributing donations to people in need for the 5th year this Sunday, the 15th of December 2019, from 10 am till 6 pm at Forum De Beyrouth, Dora.

More than 100,000 families benefited from Dafa Campaign’s donations during the 5 past years. They are hoping to double the number of families they can help this year with the support of the many donors and volunteers.

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Dafa explained in a message: “Because of the current economic crisis and the growing shortage of daily basis, as well as our worry for the future, some families have already lost everything and are in desperate need of help, and because Lebanese have proven once again that they can only rely on each other in times of crisis and hardships, we have organized this campaign for the fifth year in a row.”

Everyone is welcome to volunteer this Sunday with Dafa to help in the sorting and collecting of clothes, food, and other aid that can be distributed according to each family’s needs. Help can be by sorting out food for packaging, checking good clothes from bad, and checking expiry dates on cans.

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Dafa does not take money donations but in-kind contributions of all sorts, with the promise to distribute them to those in need, regardless of their religion or nationality.

You can contact them for volunteering, donating, or more questions via these their phone numbers below, or show up at the collection site on December 15th.

-Nada Hamzeh 03880862
-Hala Obeid, Project Manager 03-444414


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