This Lebanese Municipality Just Started a Clothes Drive

It has never been so important to lend a hand for those in need than during the highly critical time Lebanon is living. Most Lebanese people are struggling to provide for their families daily food, medication, clothes, and fuel for heating, among other needs. This situation is driving capable people, municipalities, associations, and others to help in any way they can.


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Individual acts of kindness are becoming very common lately in Lebanon, like people setting up food and clothes on the streets for those who need them, offering free services like medical treatments and home maintenances, free legal support, and so on.

Likewise, some small food retails and bakeries have set up signs on their doors to help out those in need.  The municipality of Barbara in Byblos has also just stepped up to encourage the residents to help.


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Barbara is a small beautiful village 48 kilometers north of Beirut. The humanitarian project that its municipality has just started under the call Dress Others, has for purpose to provide clothing for families with little or no means, not only in the village but in the country. 

With the government is still absent to the cry of its people, the economy hitting hard too many families, and the winter fast approaching, the Lebanese people are left to take care of themselves and each other. And they have been doing just that to the best of their human abilities.


The reality we see on the ground today in Lebanon is that empathy is at its optimum with most people.  We’ve shared with you individual initiatives being taken, as well as residents of cities, like Tripoli and Tyre, coming together to push back against the severity of the economic crisis. 

In Barbara, the municipality has set up oversized boxes in the garden of the town for the residents to donate clothing, whether used or new, as per their capabilities. All that donors have to do is to bring along their donations and place them inside the boxes and the municipality takes care of the rest.


Their Facebook post states that this initiative “allows everyone who wants to donate used or new clothes to be distributed to those in need in the country, where the donor puts the items in the box located in the garden of Barbara.” 

In their turn, the municipal members take the donated clothes and distribute them to those in need not only in the area but in all of Lebanon. These big boxes have two motivational phrases on them that encourage people to donate: “Dress others” and “Do something.”

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With this project, the municipality didn’t only encourage good deeds but it is also facilitating them, making it easy for the people to donate. The project made sure that the boxes are practical, easy to use, and in a place easily accessible to everybody. 

This will attract more people to participate more often, which means that more people in Lebanon get the help they so desperately need. This action is also important in that it teaches kids to think about others and, and also experience the joy of donating.

Via بلدية البربارة Barbara Municipality


If more Lebanese towns and cities adopt this kind of project in their areas, we will have a generation of thoughtful and generous Lebanese citizens. It will also make the lives of many Lebanese families less harsh during these times, and ascertain to them that they are not forgotten in their difficulties.

The good results and benefits of such initiatives are countless; it gives both the initiator and the receiver a sense of belonging and importance, which reflect on their performance in their societies. Plus, it might save the lives of many desperate people who can’t provide their families with very basic essentials.

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