This Lebanese Woman Just Launched the First Mobile Veterinary Clinic in Lebanon

For the first time in Lebanon, Lebanese veterinarian Maria Moallem was able to equip a mobile veterinary clinic that provides all medical pet care services in various regions in Lebanon.


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Named Vetlivery, this mobile clinic that Dr. Maria drives herself is a branded van she has fully equipped to receive and nurse little animals 24/24. It provides help for critical cases when animal owners don’t have time to go to a clinic or find it difficult to transport animals from home to clinics, especially cats and old animals.

Equipped with a medical laboratory for lab testing of animals, the van is also furnished with cages, a place for animal testing, and a small shop. It can simply serve as an ambulance, helping transport pets in a difficult situation to a nearby vet.


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Speaking to Sputnik News, Maria Mousallem explained this new idea by saying “I had the idea since I was studying at university, and when I was young, I had a cat and I had trouble taking it to the vet because it was wild. The idea crystallized in my head since I graduated and I started working to make it true […]”

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She also added that she does her best to cover all Lebanese areas on time and that she offers all the services in the mobile clinic, such as home screening, medical care, general examinations, blood tests, dental cleaning, small operations, etc.

“In difficult cases, we move animals to veterinary clinics that are scattered all over Lebanon,” she said.

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Speaking about the several difficulties she faces in her work, Maria pointed out at traffic jams, narrow roads and “the difficulty of zoning areas because of their inability to cover all Lebanese areas.”

Maria Moallem relies on social media to market her veterinary services, especially Facebook through her own page “Vetlivery” and Instagram, Her project has been well received by owners of pets and animals, especially those who do not have time to take their animals to the veterinary clinic, according to Maria, in addition to the appropriate prices, the saving of time, and the escape from traffic jam.

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