This Online Store With Lebanese Products Was Just Launched to Help Lebanon

In light of the current severe economic situation, and aiming to help the Lebanese people in Lebanon, The961 founder Anthony Kantara announced today the launch of The961 Shop. All proceeds will be dedicated to supporting the endeavors of The961 Foundation for Lebanon. 


Via The961 Shop

Through The961 Shop, you will be able now to help from abroad by buying Lebanese products and merchandise. 

The961 founder and a specialized team are coordinating currently with local businesses in Lebanon to on-board products made in Lebanon in order to support the local economy in various ways and as much as they can for the second phase of the launch.

They have been working on The961 Shop and marketplace for the past two months, partnering up with local artists and designers who have donated their work and talents to produce designs for the products.

The newly launched The961 shop includes six categories for now, as a start, and a variety of products related to Lebanon so you can show off your support to the revolution wherever you are in the world. Yes, we are talking “Thawra” and some more. 


#1 Home & Living:

Via The961 Shop

#2 Clothing & Apparel:

Via The961 Shop

#3 Thawra Collection

Via The961 Shop

#4 Car Flags

Via The961 Shop

#5 Jewelry:

Via The961 Shop

#6 The961:

Via The961 Collection


In addition to the above products, a variety of new products will be added every week so that you will have a wide range of local and Lebanese products to pick from in order to support Lebanon and the Lebanese people during these tough times.

The961 Shop is set to go through three phases, with now being in its first phase where they are Lebanese products and merchandise for the diaspora mainly with all the proceeds going to Lebanon

The 2nd phase is planned for next month where The961 shop will be onboarding businesses and stores in Lebanon with Lebanese-made products, opening up to the international market.

Phase 3 will be announced soon when the time comes.


It is worth noting The961 founder launched in November The961 Foundation, which is a legally registered NGO in Canada to help raise funds and work on the ground in Lebanon. This Foundation is not politically-affiliated or backed, just like our media site

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In a short time, The961 Foundation managed to make a change through recruiting volunteers directly in the streets of Lebanon and who are helping to achieve the mission.

Just a few days ago, the volunteers of The961 Foundation gave out over 250 meals in Tripoli from the money raised at its start, and more is being planned for the coming weeks. 

There’s free worldwide shipping at the moment for all orders over $100 USD (subject to change). In addition, you are able to make a donation directly in your shopping cart if you’d like to help more.


Visit The961 Shop now and select from the available collection for yourself and your loved ones. By purchasing now from The961 Shop, you will be providing food and support for families in Lebanon through The961 Foundation as its team continues its supporting endeavors to Lebanon during these very critical times.

Together, let’s make this holiday season a little easier on our people in need in Lebanon! Visit The961 Shop now.

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