Thousands Just Attended an EU-Hosted Green Day in Beirut

It’s always good ethics to give back and bring joy to people’s hearts. The European Union in Lebanon did just that, attracting the Lebanese people recently to Beirut Hippodrome on a sunny Saturday for a day full of fun, games, and eco-friendly awareness! 


Via European Union in Lebanon

The event was filled with joyous vibes, enjoyable games and tasty food! Souk El Akel was present with multiple diverse food stations from different restaurants. Workshops were busting with people engaging in different ways on how to help the environment, from arts and crafts to building birdhouses.

Through the workshops and fun activities, awareness about ways to sustain and take care of the environment was being instilled, maybe more importantly on how every step counts. The youngsters also participated in outdoor games and won exciting prizes!


Via European Union in Lebanon

The event consisted of live bands and entertainment, all for free and for everyone to join. The European Union solely funded this educational and fun event in a focused effort to better our future whilst educating the future generation on how to sustain our beautiful country.

It’s good and encouraging to know that organizations are persistent in teaching the upcoming generation to endure and take care of our society in an enjoyable and fruitful way.


Via European Union in Lebanon

This is the second year the European Union holds this event. As these efforts continue, we hope that more and more people will become further conscious of the cruciality of taking care of our beautiful gem of a country, hence of our precious planet.

That must of consciousness is not just a mental awareness; it is in our daily habits and interactions with our environment. Loving Lebanon, like loving our Earth, is a sacred must that we must all revert to.


Via European Union in Lebanon

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