Thousands Just Flew Into Lebanon to Show their Support for the Revolution

Independence Day was a special day this year. For the first time ever people celebrated it with so much love, unity, and patriotism. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people participated in what was the greatest show ever put together on Independence Day.


November 22, 2019, saw Lebanon celebrating its 76th anniversary of Independence, and this year the celebration was unique; all the nation took part! Instead of sitting in front of their TV screens for it, like every year, they claim it theirs this year and celebrated it accordingly. 

Lebanese people are seeking actual independence from the politicians and party leaders occupying the country and controlling its money, institutions, spaces, and decisions, abusing the country and oppressing the nation.

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To unite their voices to the revolution, many Lebanese abroad held Independence Day celebrations in their countries of residence.

However, many others, like promised, have decided to show up back in Lebanon and support the revolution on the ground. Lebanon’s Independence Day was not only in Lebanon this year, it was international!

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The traditional Independence Day March carried out by the Lebanese Army every year in the streets of Beirut was reduced to the minimum and held in the Ministry of Defense instead.

In its place, Lebanese citizens did the longest and most awesome of parades where all communities and professions (except the political one, of course) participated with their powerful statements.

One of these Marches was the March of the Diaspora, from Beirut Airport, where they landed, to the Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut.


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“We’re flying back to give independence a new meaning!” was the slogan of the event. Indeed, many flew back, in spite of many airlines cancelling trips to Lebanon the night before.  Many of these beautiful people come for the day to celebrate Independence Day then head back abroad.

Thousands of them marched from Beirut International Airport to Martyr’s Square, to join the rest of the festivities. Despite the efforts of many forces to ruin this day and keep people separated, people found a way to make these celebrations the greatest Lebanon has ever seen. 


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Their voices echoed in unity against the corruption of the government and cheered in support of the revolution. This beautiful march, the first of its kind gave Independence Day a new meaning. 

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