Thousands of Lebanese Gathered in Beirut to Celebrate Unity, Freedom, and Diversity

On August 9th, 2019, more than three thousands enjoyed a celebration of life, love, and freedom in The Palace Beirut. These people sang, danced, and partied till the early hours of the morning, presenting Lebanon to the world as what it really is, and what it will always be, first and foremost: a breathtaking mosaic masterpiece!


Via Annahar

Presented by famous actor and actress Badih Abou Shakra and Nada Abou Farhat, this night exceeded all expectations, as per the event organizers. A huge crowd of people showed up at the opening doors, that many couldn’t even make it to the inside of Aresco Palace – Hamra, where the party was being held.

They just stood outside, enjoying the event as they screamed at the top of their lungs and moved their bodies not any less than their fellows inside. They did not lose any of their vibrant energy and high spirits!


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After all, music is not just about the melodies or the lyrics. It is no different in this event that was well prepared for, and in a very few days, which must have been quite challenging!

Organizers and participants alike seemed to have wanted to send a strong message of unity and freedom to the nation and the world, so strong of a message to make all obstacles dissipate.


Messages and vibes of tolerance, acceptance, peace, and love spread throughout the stage, whether from the presenters, the performing artists, the actors, the DJs, the bands, the solo singers, the dancers, or the stand-up comedians; they all were in unity and so was the responding wild crowd with their cheering. 

Via MusicisLouder

It is true that in Lebanon, some internal and external forces might be after political divisions, sectarian conflicts, or endless religious arguments. However, these people set aside all their differences, defying all hatred, breaking the barriers of shortsightedness and outdated stereotypes, standing up in peace for their thirst for unity and freedom.


Their message to both the people of their beloved country and the whole world was solid: Accepting our diversity is what makes us beautiful. We love ourselves as we are, and we have the rights for freedom to live, all of us, together, as we are. Isn’t this what means to be human?

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