Three People Arrested In Bekaa For Stealing Over $1 Million From A House In Mount Lebanon


Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) reported that a citizen claimed that his iron safe with an amount of $1,050,000 was taken from inside his house in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

The specialized units of the ISF Information Division began their investigative work, which led them to the identification of the perpetrators: A.A. (Syrian, born 1978), F.A. (Syrian, born 1988), and A.A. (Syrian, born 1999).

The specialized units were able to determine their whereabouts in the Bekaa region. Accordingly, orders were given to arrest them and search their homes.

On November 11, 2022, after a careful monitoring and surveillance operation, the Division’s patrols arrested one of the 3 suspects in the Deir Zenoun area while aboard a Chevrolet car.

Upon searching him and his place of residence, they found the amount of LBP 19,083,000 and $8,600, which they seized. They also seized the sums of LBP 21,350,000 and $28,235 that he had hidden in the house of his relatives.

The two other suspects were then arrested in their place of residence in the Bar Elias area where an amount of $941,378 was seized.

The value of the seized funds was estimated at LBP 40,433,000 and $978,213

Under interrogation, the third suspect confessed that, while working as a maintenance worker in the vicinity of the plaintiff’s house, he had spotted an iron safe inside and proposed the idea of stealing it to his brother-in-law, and the latter agreed.

They then moved to the Bekaa and hid a large part of the money inside A.A.’s house, where his wife, F.A., who knew about the theft, hid the money.

They also admitted that they spent part of the money on buying a car, home furnishings, clothes, and the costs of the third preparator’s wedding, in addition to daily expenses. The value of the money disbursed was estimated at $70,000.

The plaintiff was handed over the seized funds, and the legal requirement was carried out against the detainees.

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