Rescue Teams Just Found Three Victims Of Beirut Explosion Under The Silo

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Search and rescue teams were sent from various countries to help locate survivors of the blast. Wednesday night, the teams located some victims under the grain silo at the Beirut port.

Scores of people went missing after the explosion Tuesday evening. Families couldn’t rest until they located each other in hospitals across town. Sadly, many others are still looking for their missing ones.

Families of workers at the port had hoped their loved ones were alive but trapped under the silo.

On the third long night since the blast, foreign search teams discovered at least three bodies beneath the silos in Beirut port. Sadly, two of them have been killed, and the condition of the third is unconfirmed.

One of the victims was identified as the young Joe Akiki who had been missing since the blast.

His mother spoke earlier that same night on MTV’s Sar El Wa2et and she was full of hope that her son will be found alive. Her speech brought the whole studio to tears.

The news of his death is heartbreaking, as is the calamity that befell Beirut, its citizens, and the country.

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