Thugs Sent To Destroy Stores In Beirut Trying To Discredit Revolution

Thugs Sent To Destroy Stores In Beirut Trying To Discredit Revolution
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“#This_is_not_our_revolution” is how the Lebanese are standing up to the “false protests” that needlessly and viciously ravaged Beirut and other Lebanese areas on Friday night.

Under the cover of righteous basic demands, a swarm of scooter riders invaded Downtown Beirut with an apparent mission to wreak havoc to its private and public properties.

Instead of properly directing their anger at the real reason behind the chaotic state Lebanon is currently in, the alleged “protesters” chose to target the shops of their fellow citizens.

The reckless groups forced open the roller shutters of numerous storefronts, hurled stones and objects at their glass panes, and burnt and lay waste to whatever they came across.

As it seemed, the unnecessary destructive acts had no other motive than vandalism for the sake of inflicting harm on the people who had worked for years to build and maintain their businesses.

Although riots have taken place several times throughout the protests in Lebanon since October 17th, the scene on Friday was very different, and the bystanders who were present in Beirut have attested to that.

The first to notice that something was very wrong on Friday night were the very protesters who had made the streets their second home months ago.

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بيروت لا تموت ووسطها حيّ ينبض بالحياة بعد عمليات التخريب والتكسير وحرق المحال التجارية والمكاتب بشكل عنيف وممنهج في وسط بيروت شارع اللعازارية ورياض الصلح ليلة أمس الجمعة، مواطنون استفاقوا صباحاً لملموا الجراح رفعوا الرّكام وآثار الأعتداء في تحدّ لمن خرّب وكسّر وحطّم . منهم من وضع الزهور عند مدخل محله ورفع العلم اللبناني وقال للبنان " بجنونك بحبك "، ومنهم من أعاد تركيب بوابات جديدة مكان المحطمة، ومنهم من نظّف من الرماد ورفع بقايا الحريق. في خطوة شجاعة لإعادته الى الحياة بدل محاولة قتلها ليلة أمس. في رسالة منهم وجهت للذين أتوا على الدراجات النارية … ان بيروت لا تموت ووسطها حيّ ينبض بالحياة. الصور :التقطت صباح اليوم السبت للمحال التجارية في الوسط بعد الأعتداء ليلة أمس. . #coronavirus #lebanon?? #beirut #sterlization #street #nabilismail #photography #I’m #covid_19? #downtown #lebanes#roadsclosed #nabilismail99 #protestsriots #خليك_بالبيت ##beirut #lebanon?? #protestrage #fire #.

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By Saturday morning, “this is not our revolution” became the #1 trend on Twitter in Lebanon. The real protesters of the revolution who did not indulge in the destruction condemned the sadistic acts that were performed in the name of their cause.

“Looting, breaking into stores, stealing isn’t the right way. We’ve been peaceful for 7 months. What happened yesterday does not represent the revolution/protest AAYB WALLA AAYB (shame, shame),” one Twitter user wrote under the hashtag.

“Whoever is pleased with yesterday’s scene and considers it the sight of the real revolution is either ignorant or a beneficiary of what happened for a different goal,” another tweeted.

“What happened yesterday was the work of thugs and nothing else.” Many other Lebanese took to social media to share similar words and condemn the appalling incident.

On that note, Interior Minister Mohammad Fehmi stated on Saturday:

“The security forces will work to chase down those who violate security and those who have broken and destroyed public and private properties in the heart of Beirut, and refer them to the competent judiciary.”

“What Beirut witnessed yesterday, [as did] a number of areas, of a blatant and vicious attack, is reprehensible and rejected,” he concluded.

In context, the people of the revolution have been protesting since last year because their lives have been unbearable with so many crises. That includes the severe impact of these crises on their hard work, their businesses, their jobs and the lack of employment, the economy that affects everybody, and so on.

In summary, the deterioration of the country and the living conditions of the nation.

These attacks on Friday night represent what they, the people of the revolution, have been protesting against; the destruction of their country. No wonder they are outraged about this violent vandalism targeting the businesses of their fellow hardworking people.

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