Tickets For Tomorrowland In Lebanon Are Now Officially On Sale!

Just a few weeks after

announcing the event

, Tomorrowland in tickets are now on sale! Unite with Tomorrowland will be happening on July  29th at La Plage Des Rois in


. The event will be from 5 pm till 4 in the morning. They announced the opening of the ticket sales with this: “Prepare to witness a magical gathering in with a massive lineup and a special satellite connection from the Tomorrowland Mainstage in Belgium. In an exclusive charming outdoor venue on the seaside, looking at the most dazzling sunset, prepare yourself to tackle the

wildest and amazing Tomorrowland experience

” A satellite connection will be set up with


land in Belgium and you will be able to experience 3 DJ sets of Tomorrowland headliners, from the legendary Mainstage. There will also be International and local artists performing on stage in .


is the largest music festival in the world. It takes place in Belgium each year and attracts hundreds of thousands of people over a span of a few days. is one of the 8 countries they have chosen around the world to have a “ connection” with the main Tomorrowland event in Belgium.  The countries are

The ticketing website for this event mentioned that there are 8 countries but only listed 7 – leaving out . There is still no word whether or not the 8 countries will be broadcasted to each other as well. If that’s the case, will they exclude ? If not, will there be a political backlash? There hasn’t been much of a concern from people in general – with many downplaying it. However , ’s TV station, already called them out hinting that the spectators at the event would be considered “traitors” since they “would be able to see ‘their friends’ in the Zionist entity during the festival. We reached out to the organisers to help clarify some questions.

Will there be broadcasts from other countries? Will be included?

The broadcast will take place for 3 hours only and the streaming will happen strictly from Belgium to . We did cut all other connections in order not to even have a technical issue that will cause any unexpected feed from any other country especially .

Is Tomorrowland aware of this issue and the dynamics surrounding it? If so, has anything been done to in regards to this?

While negotiating the contract with TML, we made sure to include such broadcast restriction from Lebanon to Israel and vice versa. We even have a document from them confirming the same. Without forgetting that we do have all the permits required from the Lebanese government. Early Bird tickets are selling at 100,000 LBP ($67 USD).

Get your tickets here

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