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Top 30 most patriotic Lebanese songs you should listen to on Independence Day!

It’s always a good idea to celebrate a national day by listening to patriotic songs! We gathered the top 30 most patriotic Lebanese songs that you must listen to during the Lebanese Independence Day!


These songs reveal our love for Lebanon and our respect to the Lebanese Army. For the Lebanese people living abroad, get ready to cry because some of these songs will hit you hard!

You can always refer to this list whenever you’re hosting a Lebanese gathering, and you’re wondering what songs you should play!

Nassam Alayna Al Hawa – Fairouz


Teslam Ya 3askar Lebnan – Sabah

Betnafas Horeya – Julia Boutros


Lebnan Ya Ot3it Sama – Wadih El Safi

Li Beirut – Fairouz


Ya Jaych Loubnan El Abi – Wadih Al Safi

Bhebbak Ya Lebnan – Fairouz


El Haq Ma Bi Mout – Joseph Attieh

Metl El Chajar Mazrou3in – Hiba Tawaji


Roudani Ila Biladi – Fairouz

Watani El Ghali – Assi El Hellani


Jaych Lebnan – Assi El Hallani, Nancy Ajram, Wael Kfoury, Nawal Al Zoghbi, and Samir Sfeir

Watani – Fairouz


Bhebbak Ya Jaych El Lebnani – Moeen Shreif

Bi Oulou Zghayar Baladi – Fairouz


Ya Beirut – Majida El Roumi

Id Men Hadid – Mohammad Iskandar


Aa Esmak Ghanayt – Fairouz

Esrouj Bel Layl 7sanak – Najwa Karam


Lebnan El Akhdar – Fairouz

Nehna El Thawra – Julia Boutros


El Charaf 3enwanak – Assi El Hallani

Qasidat Loubnan – Fairouz


Raje3 Yet3amar Lebnan – Zaki Nassif

Hkili Aan Baladi – Fairouz


Jayin Ya Arz El Jabal – Wadih Al Safi

Rah Nebqa Sawa – Fairouz


Lebnani – Assi El Helani

Khedni – Fairouz


Rah Yeb2a Al Watan – Melhem Barakat

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Top 30 most patriotic Lebanese songs you should listen to on Independence Day!

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