Check out the top 7 coworking spaces in Lebanon!

Freelancers and digital nomads need a quiet space where they can get their work done. While coffee shops are great, they are often noisy and crowded. Coworking spaces have emerged in Lebanon over the past few years. They provide members with quiet space, fast internet connection, and free coffee and water so that they can be as productive as possible. While renting an office is an option, coworking spaces are better because members feel like they belong to a community. The various events that take place allow them to network with many people and enlarge their social and professional circles. The following coworking spaces offer different plans. They also vary in prices. You can rent a desk or an office, whatever suits your needs!


Location: May Ziadeh Street

Membership plans

Beirut Digital District

Location: Nassif El Yazgi Street

Membership plans

The Submarine

Location: Ramlet El Bayda

Membership plans

Innovation Factory Beirut

Location: Mkalles

The Koozpace

Location: Baabda

Membership plans


Location: Jounieh

Membership plans

The Olive Grove

Location: Hamra

Membership plans