Top 8 tips to enjoy Beirut like a local!

Being a tourist in Beirut is fun, but what’s better is spending your day there just like any local does! Enjoy Beirut like you never did before!

Have a Lebanese breakfast Nothing is better than starting your day with a Lebanese breakfast. A man’oushe with a vegetable plate is the best option! Another good idea might be going to a foul restaurant and eating foul along with hummus and fresh Lebanese bread. If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to eat knefe.

Go to Souk El Akel on Thursdays Souk El Akel is the number one destination for foodies! It is a culinary festival where you can taste the best foods that Lebanon can offer. Lebanese food and sweets as well as international delicacies are on the menu. Also, the chefs can get very creative there: have you ever tasted the sushi burrito? The souk is open every Thursday from 5 PM until 11 PM in Downtown Beirut.

Walk on the corniche

The corniche is an interesting place to walk or to jog. Talk a stroll there and enjoy the beautiful view of the Pigeons’ Rock and the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, the corniche is more crowded and more fun.

Party hard on Saturday nights

Beirut is another word for nightlife. The capital of Lebanon has something for everyone: vibrant nightclubs for party animals, cool pubs for those who want to chill, and places for wine-enthusiasts. Everyone in Lebanon has a plan on Saturday nights, take that as an opportunity to get out and see how Beirutis rock Saturday evenings. Also, do not forget to eat a knefe after a night out!

Stroll around old neighborhoods

  Old neighborhoods in Beirut can hide a lot of gems that you need to see. Plus, you can appreciate the beauty of authentic Lebanese houses and architecture. Also, you can find some of the most creative graffiti in the neighborhoods of Beirut. From vinyl stores to small bookshops, you never know what you might run into in the narrow alleys of the Lebanese capital.

Drink coffee on the sidewalk

Beirut is full of sidewalk cafes! Order a Lebanese coffee and enjoy! Not only the taste is great, but also watching passersby is a fun experience, too. Observing Beirutis is the best way to get to know the culture of Beirut. Also, it’s a source of inspiration. The most renowned songwriters and playwrights spend their days in these cafes to get inspired by the people!

Have a shawarma sandwich for lunch That’s the highlight of your day! Find the best m3allem shawarma and order a sandwich induced with love! If you ordered a chicken shawarma, don’t forget to ask for extra garlic paste!

Ride a bicycle

Another way to discover Beirut is by riding a bike! If you don’t own one, don’t worry; there are many places that rent bikes.

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