Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Places in Lebanon

Lebanon is full of places that are Instagram-worthy! From ancient temples to modern souks, make sure to include Lebanese streets and regions on your feed!

Jbeil Old Souks

Jbeil, or Byblos, is one of the world’s 20 oldest cities in the world. It is the first city that was built in Phoenicia.

Jbeil is a famous tourist attraction in Lebanon. The most renowned place in this ancient city is the old souk where one can find antiquities, pubs, and cozy cafés.


Taking a picture next to the Raouche is a must-do if you are Lebanese! The rock formation in the middle of the water is interesting and beautiful. The landmark of Beirut, the Pigeons’ Rock has been featured on many postcards and stamps in Lebanon.

The Cedars of God

The Cedars in Lebanon are the oldest ones in the world! They are the symbol of strength and longevity in the Old Testament. The scenery is perfect in this region of Lebanon. In winter, these majestic trees are covered with snow. The Cedars of God are the legacy of Lebanon!

Downtown Beirut

If you’re into modern photography, then Downtown Beirut is your main destination in Lebanon. This area is dotted with upscale buildings and skyscrapers.

Architectural photography can work really well in Central Beirut. Also, you may find colorful Lebanese houses that add an authentic vibe to the city.

Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhael is one of the most vibrant places in Lebanon. Located in Beirut, this street is full of artists and young people that color the atmosphere with their energetic vibe. The most interesting graffiti can be found there.

Also, the buildings on Mar Mikhael are artworks. The colorful staircases are the landmarks of the region. If your Instagram feed is colorful, don’t hesitate to go to Mar Mikhael and capture the most interesting shots!


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Located in the North of Lebanon, Chekka is a coastal town that is famous for its beautiful beach! You can never get enough of taking pictures of this region because of the golden sand and the blue sea. The crystal-clear water is a plus for people who are into underwater photography.

Temple of Bacchus

Located in Baalbek, the Temple of Bacchus is one of the largest Roman temple ruins in the world.

Also, it is so well-preserved that the carvings of lions and bulls are still visible. Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, is the Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking, and wine.

Bekaa Valley

The nature in Bekaa Valley is out of this world. If you’re in desperate need of a gateway to free your mind, then grab your camera and head to Lebanon’s agricultural valley. This region is calm, green, and full of farms and crops.


A mountainous area in Mountain Lebanon, Laklouk should be on your bucket list if you’re a photography enthusiast. This region never fails to impress us with its spectacular landscapes and good weather.

Perfect for astrophotography, you might also want to camp there for a night to stargaze and take astonishing pictures of the Milky Way!


Douma is a breathtaking village in the North of Lebanon. If you’re into taking pictures of authentic Lebanese houses, don’t hesitate to visit this region.

Also, Douma grows olives, grapes, and apple. The choices are endless in this region. A whole day cannot be enough to capture the uniqueness of Douma!

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