Top 12 Lebanese Breakfasts You Can Easily Get Addicted To

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There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly baked man’oush zaatar that makes us jump out of bed with a big smile of anticipation or to the thought of a warm kaakeh b knefe‘ promising a good energetic start of the day.

The fact is, our breakfasts could be addictive; the more we enjoy them the more we want to reiterate the delicious experience, even if it means having them any time of the day! And here are the top 12 of them:

#1 Foul Mdammas

#2 Man’ouche zaataar or jebneh

#3 Labneh with toasted bread and olives

#4 Kaak b knefe

#5 Lahem b aajin

Beirut style:

Tripoli specialty, known also as Sfiha:

#6 Kaakeh b jebneh (Tripoli style)

#7 Eggs B Qawerma

#8 Fatteh

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Fatteh made from Scratch ?

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#9 Ejji omelet

#10 Scrambled Eggs & Tomato (بيض بالبندوره)

#11 Hummus Peas with Garlic & Lemon Juice

#12 Batata w Bayd Mfarakeh

And let’s not forget the addictive aroma of our coffee that we drink in exaggeration!

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Top 12 Lebanese Breakfasts You Can Easily Get Addicted To

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