14 Of The Best Rated Restaurants In South Lebanon

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From seafood restaurants to burger shacks, here are just some of the best rated restaurants and cafes you’ll find in South Lebanon.

#1 Al Mokhtar Restaurant

Located in the town of Jensnaya situated between Sidon and Jezzine, is the highly-acclaimed Lebanese restaurant Al Mokhtar.

Al Mokhtar’s family-friendly setting makes it ideal for family outings. It is also equipped to host exquisite weddings. Its food, service, and atmosphere will not disappoint making it a must try in South Lebanon.

#2 Le Phénicien

Praising the coastal city’s rich Phoenician past, Le Phénicien is a highly-rated seafood restaurant in Tyre with a fantastic view of the sea and marina.

#3 Mido’s Sanwiches & Burgers

People across Lebanon rave about Mido’s Sandwiches in Sidon. This famed burger house is a member of Lebanon’s Souk El Akel, Lebanon’s popular street food market.

#4 Ewan Restaurant

Located in Tyre, Ewan Restaurant offers a variety of Lebanese and international flavors with a view to the Mediterranean Sea. It can also host small and simple weddings and events.

#5 Kahwet Al Balad

Touted for its homely ambiance, the famous humble Kahwet Al Balad is Tyre’s single destination for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The casual resto-cafe offers a variety of authentic Lebanese dishes as well as international options.

#6 Burger Experiment

There is a good reason this spot in Sidon is called Burger Experiment, and it’s that you’ll want to try its entire menu. Burger Experiment even once made a Tinder profile because it knows its items are hard to pass.

#7 Rustica Cafe

From Lebanese to Asian and Italian cuisines, Rustica Cafe Restaurant & Lounge will take your taste buds on an exotic trip right from the shore of Tyre.

#8 Beit Al Samak

Beit Al Samak, which translates to House of Fish, is as expected a seafood restaurant in Sidon. With great ratings and reviews, this family-owned restaurant offers wonderful service, food, and has a warm, friendly, and memorable atmosphere.

#9 Wok Bar

Wok Bar is a Chinese kitchen food truck in Saida that’ll provide that Asian food kick when you need it. It is also located in Beirut’s Toast food court.

#10 MeatChop Butchery

MeatChop is a butchery and restaurant in Saida that offers top-notch BBQ catering, burgers, and sandwiches for all the meat lovers out there.

#11 Al Marsah

Al Marsah is a casual family-friendly affair facing the sea in Tyre and offering Lebanese cuisine and seafood. It is also a great stop for breakfast or coffee by the sea.

#12 Oregano Resto-Café

International cuisine in Tyre. Shifting with the times, Oregano also accepts payment in cryptocurrency.

#13 Perfetto Pizzeria

Serving pizza and all kinds of pasta, Perfetto Pizzeria is your local Italian escape right in the heart of Nabatieh, South Lebanon.

#14 Let’s Cheese Resto & Cafe

Let’s Cheese Resto & Cafe is a fusion restaurant for casual dining located in Nabatieh.

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