Touch Lebanon Just Issued Its New Telecom Prices


With the increasing tariff rates in the telecom sector, Touch Lebanon, one of the telephone and data operators in Lebanon, issued the new prices as of July 1, 2022.

Here are the new prices (based on the Sayrafa exchange rate):

For Prepaid Magic:

Prepaid MagicNew
Minute Rate$0.08
SMS Rate$0.02
10 days Prepaid Voucher$3.79
30 days Prepaid Voucher***$7.58
30 days Prepaid Voucher (New)****$4.5
60 days Prepaid Voucher$15.15
90 days Prepaid Voucher$22.73
1-year Prepaid Voucher$77.28
Credit-Only Prepaid Voucher$1.67
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For Postpaid Touch:

Postpaid touch New
 Monthly Fees (including 60 free minutes)$5
 Minute rate$0.04
 SMS rate$0.02
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For High-Speed Internet:

 High-Speed Internet New
 500 MB $3.5
 1.75 GB $6
 6 GB $8.5
 10 GB $11
 20 GB $13 
 30 GB $16
 40 GB $19.5
 60 GB $23
 100 GB $36
 200 GB $66
 400 GB $116
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