Lebanon’s Tourism Ministry Wants Hezbollah’s Posters Removed From The Airport Highway

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

On Thursday, Lebanon’s Tourism Minister, Walid Nassar, issued new and temporary decrees to promote tourism during the summer season.

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that his ministry will initiate new measures, including calling for the removal of Hezbollah-affiliated posters hung along the highway of Rafic Hariri International Airport.

These posters crowding the highway of the airport are mostly of Hassan Nassrallah and the late Irani Commander Qassem Souleimani.


Walid Nassar stated that these posters and banners will be replaced with photos of numerous Lebanese regions, saying that those efforts were received positively.

However, journalist Sawsan Mhanna tweeted commenting that the Lebanese minister’s move was more of a plea to Hezbollah, calling it “The state is begging the statelet”, adding that it came as “please reduce the images and symbols on the airport road.”

“Reducing them is not removing them,” she continued in her tweet, “I remind the Minister of Tourism that he can send a patrol to remove these existing images.”

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Lebanon's Tourism Ministry Wants Hezbollah's Posters Removed From The Airport Highway

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