Tourist Reservations Across Lebanon Are Exceeding Expectations This Summer

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Despite the multiple crises that Lebanon is enduring, it remains a favorite destination for tourists of different nationalities, especially the Lebanese diaspora who are always determined to return, even for a few days, for tourism and entertainment in their homeland.

The Syndicate of Owners of Marine Tourist Complexes and the Secretary-General of the Union of Tourist Establishments, Jean Beiruti, confirmed in an interview with MTV that hotel reservations are currently very high, especially for June.

The reservations touched 50% in hotels along the Lebanese coast in particular, and this great demand is by the Lebanese diaspora in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and other countries.

Beiruti considered that this percentage is a good indicator, as tourists want to benefit from the beauty of Lebanon and from the low prices in dollars.

Noting that a hotel room that was at $400/night has become, in light of the crisis, at only $120. The price of shisha, for example, has become $4 after it was $10, meaning that dollar prices have fallen to less than half, which encourages tourists to visit Lebanon.

In a related context, Beiruti pointed out that the demands for chalets and furnished rooms are also high due to their scarcity in light of the decline in the movement of the Lebanese traveling from Lebanon.

Despite the challenges that the tourism sector is facing, especially the problem of securing fuel and electricity, Beiruti has a positive look at the coming months and is promising a great tourist season.

He mentioned that the hard currency that will be spent in Lebanon in this sector will be distributed to all Lebanese working in it, which will contribute to improving the economic cycle.

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