10+ Touristic Things You Can Do This Winter In Lebanon

It has been wrongly assumed that tourism is a summer thing and that it is for those who visit our country. Yet, there are plenty of touristic things to do in Lebanon during winter, for both locals and those visiting from abroad.

Considering that our winters are mild, nothing could stop you from taking a day or two to play the tourist and enjoy your time. Here are our suggestions for you, whether you are a newcomer, a visitor, or a local.

#1 Enjoy a weekend in the snowy mountain

That’s your time to make the most out of the snow season. Rent a chalet in Mazar Kferdebian, or Faraya, or The Cedar in the North, and enjoy the best our winter mountains have to offer of snow activities in the ski resorts.

Enjoy an upbeat nightlife in the area or have a relaxing night with a glass of Lebanese wine gazing at the mesmerizing flames in the chimney. 

#2 Embrace a White Trail adventure

Dress up warmly and embark on a group trail adventure through our snow-capped mountains, without forgetting your phone or your professional camera to take amazing photos of the sceneries.

There is something uniquely exhilarating about walking in snow that nobody else has walked on, and be amidst the most magical winter sites. 

Make sure you join an organized group for this one. Some are getting planned already along the Laqlouq-Akoura mountains and hills, at a 2200 m peak above sea level. 

#3 Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoeing

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Now, that, we have many facilities in Lebanon to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Laqlouq, Fakra, Sannine, Falougha, Al-Arz, and Mazar Kfardebian are among the places you can enjoy these snow sports while passing through white peaks and breathtaking sceneries.  

#4 Discover Ehden, Bsharri, and Al-Arz

Ehden is an authentic Lebanese mountain town with ancient history, and worth visiting.

The most outstanding and beautiful place is The Lady of the Fortress or Saydet El-Hosn offering outstanding views of the coast and the surrounding mountains. 

Continue your trip riding to Bsharri where you can visit the museum of Gebran Khalil Gebran then head up to Al-Arz to enjoy the ski resort or just the town with its mighty ancient cedars. 

No one could ever get bored with the beauty of the cedars that stand tall and proud in one of the most beautiful regions in Lebanon. While you are in the region, get to discover Hasroun as well!

#5 Visit Lebanon’s Museums

Lebanon is rich with numerous museums and even alternative museums across the country:

The National Museum with its monumental sculptures in Beirut, the Memoire Du Temps Museum that exhibits interesting fossils in Byblos, The Sursock Museum in Beirut, and the private MIM Museum also in Beirut with more than 1800 minerals of 400 different species from over 70 countries.

More worth visiting museums are the MACAM modern and contemporary museum in Byblos, the Gebran Khalil Gebran museum in Bsharri, the Armenian Genocide Orphans’ “Aram Bezikian” Museum in Byblos, the Wax Museum also in Byblos, and the Soap Museum in Tyre, among others.

#6 Enjoy a Day in Zahle, the bride of the Bekaa

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Zahle is a very attractive city known for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants, authentic Lebanese food, and hospitable people. There is plenty to do and enjoy in this beautiful city.

From wine tasting tour and excellent food to Zahle’s iconic place The Berdawni promenade and the historical buildings. Check them out here

#7 Explore the South of Lebanon

You can take a day tour and visit the beautiful and ancient cities of Tyre, Sidon, and Maghdoushe and their historical sites. Or, you can take a city at a time, spending a weekend in the region. 

The Ancient Ruins across Tyre are incredible to discover, also the Crusaders’ Sea Castle and the authentic old souks of Sidon.

Tyre has a Soap Museum where you can learn Lebanese traditions of soap-making to Tyrian purple dye. During that trip, get to visit Al-Mantara shrine in Maghdoushe.

#8 Take an explorative tour of Jeita Grotto

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Now, if ever you’re in Lebanon, whatever you do don’t miss out Jeita Grotto, which is just 15 minutes outside Beirut in a car. It’s title is in the singular, but the grotto actually refers to a ‘system’ of two separate karstic limestone caves. The upper one is mostly dry and gigantic; the lower one features a river, is generally smaller in size, but it’s length is a full seven kilometers (!), which is five kilometers longer than the upper cave. ⠀ Since the caves were found only relatively recently (lower – ~200 years ago; upper – 60 years ago), they’re in pretty good shape. What I mean is – Homo sapiens hasn’t had time to damage or destroy them, graffiti them, and in other ways make a mess of them. Another reason could be that they were accessible only by boat on the river that runs through the lower cave. Later, they dug a tunnel that connects the lower with the upper. ⠀ Ginormous caves (the height of the biggest – 120m!); stalactites and stalagmites; and nicely illuminated with multicolored lighting. ⠀ Curious fact: during the civil war (1975-1990) there were zero tourists visiting. Instead it was used as an arms depot, and generally became rather run-down. Only in 1993 did Dr. Haddad’s company Mapas take it under its wing and start restoring it – installing the paths, lighting, cable-car and other infrastructure, and researching the grotto. ⠀ // Будете в Ливане – никоим образом не пропустите совершенно волшебные пещеры Джейта (Jeita grotto), которые находятся всего в 15 минутах езды от центра Бейрута. Две пещеры. Верхняя с огромных размеров залами и сухая, нижняя – поменьше размерами, но длиннее (примерно 2 и 7км) и по ней течёт поздемная река. ⠀ Поскольку пещеры были обнаружены сравнительно недавно (~200 лет назад нижняя и 60 лет назад верхняя), то они вполне хорошо сохранилилсь. Человек не успел их значительно порушить, украсить автографами и прочим творчеством. Более того, простого входа в верхнюю пещеру нет. Для удобного входа прорубили туннель. ⠀ Входим – и там полная сказка! Огромные залы (высота самого большого = 120 метров!), сталактиты-сталагмиты, всё разноцветно подсвечивается. Ещё бы музычку приятную, как это было однажды в пещерах Австралии.

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An impressive landmark of Lebanon, Jeita Grotto is a not-to-miss experience. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful grottos and was nominated for the seven world wonders.

While there, you can take a ride in the cable-car and enjoy a good meal in one of the good restaurants nearby.

#9 Visit Deir-El-Qamar, Beit-Eldeen, and the Moussa Palace

You can get to visit in one day the fabulous palaces of Deir-El-Qamar, Beiteddine, and the Moussa Palace in between these two towns, all while admiring the beautiful old architecture of Deir El-Qamar, the souk old streets, the mosque, and the church.

There is also a museum to check out. While there, you may want to also venture in the limestone Grotto of Ein w Zien.

#10 Take a tour to Baalbak, Anjar, and Ksara

Take a full day to discover the impressive ancient sites of Heliopolis and the Umayyad Ruins.

From there, you can continue to the Ksara Winery Caves, one of Lebanon’s oldest wineries. You can join an organized tour, or ride with your friends.

#11 Visit Byblos and Batroun

Byblos/Jbeil is one of the oldest inhabitant towns in the world, dating back to over 7,000 years BC. There are sites to visit, such as the old castle, the cathedral, the old souks, and some museums.

Continue your day by riding to the coastal town of Batroun where you can enjoy a delicious meal by the sea and get to discover that old town.

The town also hosts The Colonel Brewery that you can visit for its beers or its purely 100% Lebanese vodka brand.

#12 Hike and Discover Amazing Qadisha Valley

If you are an adventurous type, this is perfect for you. Qadisha is a one-of-a-kind experience for hiking while you get to be amazed by its historical and archeological features: its caves and monasteries.

#13 Spend a day in a Lebanese village

There are many places in villages in Lebanon where you can rent a room in a traditional Lebanese house, and get to interact with the hospitable local culture.

Feel the old and rural Lebanon by spending a day and staying overnight in any village. There’s nothing that beats a good Lebanese breakfast while listening to the songs of Fairouz and smelling the saj bread baking nearby.