8 Mistakes To Avoid If You’re A Tourist Visiting Lebanon


Lebanon has always welcomed tourists from all around the world. Even with its deteriorating socio-political and economic system, Lebanon is still witnessing a generous amount of tourists.

While many of the Lebanese diasporas are well-oriented about the do’s and don’t’s of the country, tourists are more prone to mistakes.

So, if you are a tourist planning to visit Lebanon, check these 8 main mistakes tourists usually make and avoid them to fully enjoy your stay in this amazing country.

They exchange their USD according to the old exchanging rate or pay with their visa

Lebanon’s economic crisis has been instigating major confusion among its own people, let alone tourists. One important rule, however, is to never pay with your USD visa or exchange your USD according to the official rate.

Tourists often think that the official rate of the country is the rate that everyone uses. However, exchanging your USD in the black market will get you much more LBP for you to use.

They stay in just one hotel throughout all their visit

Lebanon is a significantly small country, yet each village or city, either big or small, holds tons of things to do that you don’t want to miss.

With the sky-rocketing fuel prices, tourists staying in one hotel will have to pay an enormous amount of money on fuel to go from their hotel to further cities or villages.

Therefore, changing hotels to visit another area would save up a good amount of money that could be spent doing something else!

Plus, if you are a tourist, you ought to try some of the great guesthouses and/or bungalows across the country for the ultimate “Lebanese experience.”

They only visit for a few days

Lebanon has beautiful places and great activities that nobody wants to miss out on, therefore, visiting Lebanon for a few days is not enough to live all the fun and beauty of the country.

With various activities to do in each city, a long stay in Lebanon will make your visit unforgettable.

They think public wifi is accessible

Lebanon has a major issue with wifi and public networks that tourists often forget to take into consideration when visiting the country.

Finding a fast and accessible network as tourists visit the country is almost impossible. Unless you are willing to visit a specific place and ask for their wifi password, you are advised to buy a data bundle in order to have a network connection whenever you go.

They only bring seasonal clothes

Especially when visiting in the summer, tourists often bring all their summer clothes with no regard to mountainous areas where the temperature could easily fall down to 10 degrees.

If you are down to some stargazing, hiking, or visiting the mountains, you will definitely need some extra clothes, especially at night.

They have food in their hotel

Lebanon’s great food and diverse restaurants are a must! Eating only at the hotel would make you miss out on so many delicious meals that will leave you more full and are much cheaper.

Lebanon’s food is an adventure itself!

They rely on maps/GPS

Lebanon’s hidden gems are rarely found using a GPS. Surely, tourists can locate some famous destinations through their mobile GPS, but getting lost is definitely possible in Lebanon.

Therefore, when visiting Lebanon, you should not rely on your GPS and you should always ask around when lost. You’ll always meet friendly people everywhere eager to help and with some extra tips and recommendations.

They only visit in the summer

One big and drastic mistake that tourists can make is visiting Lebanon in the summer only, for it is just as fun in the winter.

Lebanon’s slopes and winter activities await tourists every year for a chance of experiencing great fun on the white-coated mountains.

Therefore, visiting Lebanon in the winter is equally as fun and amusing as visiting in the summer.

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