Photos Of Baalbek Through The Lens Of Tourists

No one has ever been to Lebanon’s ‘City of The Sun’ and did not find it breathtaking.

This city with a history of thousands of years is a national treasure that has become the most visited touristic site of our heritage.

Tourists from all over the world come to witness the famous ruins’ immensity and try to solve the mysteries of the great Roman Temples.

These are amazing pictures of Baalbek through the lens of tourists; pictures that were taken with the hope that viewers can see the beauty and greatness of the unique site.

The Citadel is considered by UNESCO to be one of the most famous sanctuaries of the Roman world and a model of Imperial Roman architecture.

Bacchus is the god of wine. The great temple of Bacchus has so many wine and grape depictions on its walls and ceilings.

During Roman times, Bacchus, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury were worshipped at the site.

Baalbek is often referred to as the City of the Sun or “Heliopolis” because it was built in dedication to the god “Helios” known as Jupiter.

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