10 Touristy Things You Need To Do This Summer In Lebanon!

You can’t travel this summer? No problem. You can still be a tourist in Lebanon. Our country is full of awesome and fun places! Why not go there and appreciate the wonderful things that we have?

#1 Visit the old souk in Byblos

Even Lebanese people feel like they are tourists when they walk in Souk El 3ati2! The reason might be the uniqueness of Byblos since its architecture has been influenced by many civilizations. It looks different from other Lebanese cities, and that’s why going there somehow feels like a gateway. Don’t forget to visit the Byblos Castle, the old port, and the ruins of ancient temples.

#2 Take a picture next to the pillars of Baalbek

It’s like taking a picture under the Eiffel Tower in France: a must thing to do for tourists in Lebanon! You might also take part in a guided tour to learn more about Baalbek. For example, did you know that this temple is the temple of Bacchus, the god of wine?

#3 Walk in the open air art gallery: Beirut

More than being a gorgeous city, Beirut is a piece of art. This capital is filled with


that were either painted for the sake of art or to spread a message. Discover the artsy side of Beirut like you never did before!

#4 Have lunch in under-discovered restaurants

The most delicious sandwiches and dishes you will find in Lebanon are in hidden places. These places offer the best delicacies in the world. They are usually located in narrow streets. Go there and taste the real food! Forget about restaurants in malls for once!

#5 Go on guided tours to learn about the Lebanese architecture

You must have seen a group of tourists staring at a building at least once in your life! Well, these tourists must have been on a tour that explains about the architectural heritage of Lebanon. So what’s the big deal anyway? The Lebanese architecture has been largely influenced by the civilizations that were present in Lebanon such as the Greeks, the Ottomans, the French, and much more which makes it beautiful and interesting.

#6 Go on a wine tour

Tourists, usually the ones who are Europeans, love to go on wine tours in Lebanon. Even though Lebanon is not mainly known to be a wine country, it has a large production of

Lebanese wine

. By the way, did you know that Lebanon is one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world?

#7 Sail in Jounieh

There’s nothing more relaxing than cruising in the sea and feeling the summer breeze! After that, buy a cocktail and drink it while walking around the beautiful city of Jounieh.

#8 Spend a day in a Lebanese village

There are many places in villages in Lebanon where you can rent a room in a traditional Lebanese house. Feel the old and rural Lebanon by spending a day and staying overnight in any village. There’s nothing that beats a good Lebanese breakfast while listening to the songs of Fairouz.

#9 Visit the cedars

There is no such thing as visiting the Cedars too often. No one could ever get bored of the beauty of the cedars that stand tall and proud in one of the most beautiful regions in Lebanon. Don’t forget to visit the Qadisha valley and the Museum of Gibran Khalil Gibran!

#10 Enjoy the astonishing nature of Lebanon

The beauty of Lebanon is underrated. We are lucky to live in a country that has spectacular sceneries. There are so many natural wonders in Lebanon that deserve to be put on the

World Wonders List

! You can go


, camping, and


in many beautiful locations!

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