Tracy Chamoun Announces Her Candidacy For The Lebanese Presidency

Tracy Chamoun

Tracy Chamoun is running for presidency under the slogan “A new vision for the republic”.

Tracy Chamoun is a Lebanese author, diplomat, and political activist of Lebanese and European descent.

She was appointed as ambassador of Lebanon to Jordan on 19 June 2017 until her resignation in August 2020, days after the Beirut Port explosion that killed over 200 people and wounded over 6,000 others.


Tracy Chamoun, 61, the granddaughter of late former President Camille Chamoun, called for key reforms to rescue Lebanon’s comatose economy and reestablish trust with international donors.

Her grandfather Camille Chamoun is the founder of the political party National Liberal Party.

During the civil war, her father, Dany Chamoun, led the party’s “Tigers” militia from 1975 until 1990 when he was assassinated with his second wife Ingrid and their sons in their home.

Tracy Chamoun especially criticized Hezbollah’s influential role in politics and security, its arms, and its impact on Lebanese relations with Arab countries.

“The politicians have been deaf and blind to the Lebanese people’s suffering, and this must end,” she declared, adding that “what we need to do is to improve our internal environment.”

She mentioned that she “would like to add an official Day of Remembrance on August 4th to our national calendar.”

After the explosion that rocked the Port of Beirut, Tracy Chamoun came back to Lebanon during the worst economic crash to place her fate alongside her fellow countrymen and women because, as she said, she was taught in her family to always put Lebanon first.

It was based on that inherited patriotic principle that she took her decision back then to resign from her position as ambassador as she lost faith in the state.

Chamoun stressed in her press release that she will be committed to ending the illegal trade and smuggling which drains away our national wealth.

She addressed a lot of the issues Lebanon has been suffering from such as the economic crisis, corruption, energy, and healthcare.

“I have provided only a “Glimpse” of our possible prosperous future together, I pray this is just the beginning…,” she concluded.

Tracy Chamoun stands as the second woman in Lebanon’s history to have officially announced her candidacy in the Lebanese presidential elections, after lawyer and civil society activist Nadine Moussa in 2014.

The term of the current President, Michel Aoun, ends on Oct. 31.

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