10 Trademark Moments Everyone Experiences When Fasting in Ramadan

Trademark moments and phrases every faster experiences in Ramadan
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It’s one of the most sacred and beloved times of the year in Lebanon; the holy month of Ramadan. It’s here, with its otherworldly atmosphere of worship, family, and, of course, mouthwatering Iftar meals and suhoor.

Fasting through Ramadan is a unique experience that comes with special moments that no other month can replicate. Some of these moments are wholesome, some are appetizing, and some are utterly confusing. All of them: Unforgettable.

Here are 10 trademark experiences that every Muslim fasting has during Ramadan.

#1 Where am I…?

Where am I?
~Daily Mail

It takes time to get used to being woken up at 3:30 AM to eat.

After dozens of attempts to wake you up, a family member leads you to the kitchen by the hand, where you proceed to sit down and contemplate where in the world you are, why everyone is awake and loud at this time, and why they’re stuffing dates in your mouth.

“Oh, right. Suhoor.”

#2 How long still?

It’s a well-established fact that daytime hours are doubled in Ramadan… I may have just made this up, but it does feel this way sometimes (or often).

Unless you’re the type that sleeps through the day and wakes up at Iftar, you probably ask – or get asked – the “how long still” question several times a day.

#3 What’s for Iftar?

Ah, the great comforter. Asking what’s for Iftar, and watching the cooking action unfold in the kitchen while you sweat in anticipation in your corner, that’s probably the tensest moment of the day!

#4 It’s only been 4 days?

Yes, bro. Ramadan Kareem.

#5 Are we halfway through already?

While it feels much slower in the first couple of days, time does seem to go faster the closer you get to the middle of Ramadan. After that, the rest goes by in a flash.

#6 Why is my mouth dry now?

It’s normal to be hungry and thirsty by 6 PM when the last time you ate and drank was 15 hours earlier.

But when you wake up at 9 in the morning feeling like you haven’t tasted water for ages is bizarre — especially after having chugged 2 gallons at Suhoor before going to sleep.

#7 I’ll be productive after Iftar

Yeah right, keep telling yourself that.

#8 Who ate my Snickers?

(Opening the fridge after suhoor). “Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment all d…. Who ate my snickers?!”

#9 I thought I could eat all of this…

When fasting and bumping into food all day long, you start to compile a “to eat” list in your mind to look forward to.

But then Iftar arrives, you have the main course, you’re full, and you sit there, disappointed, staring at that shiny apple you were so craving just an hour ago.

#10 I have to eat all of this

In a different scenario, you glance at the clock: 5 minutes left of Suhoor. Horrified, you start eating and drinking like there’s no tomorrow. And yet you wake up feeling #6.

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