Lebanese Designer Creates A Fashion Collection From Fabrics Damaged In The Blast

Hard Core Beirut -Perla Maalouly

Beirut rising from the ashes takes a new meaning with this admirable initiative by a young Lebanese designer who is transforming “ashes” into beautiful wearable items.

Up and coming fashion designer Perla Maalouly initiated this fashion project to help raise funds for those whose homes were damaged in the Beirut blast on August 4.

Being the founder of the growing Lebanese fashion brand Hardcore Beirut, Perla put her expertise to work, breathing life to what others would deem trash.

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From damaged and torn down curtain fabrics to denim and used clothes, she is collecting the pieces from Beirut impacted areas and recycling them “to save people’s memories or at least part of it,” she says.

Perla Maalouly – Be For Beirut

Her fashion project “Be for Beirut” is literally transforming ruined parts of the blast into pieces of hope and change – giving a new meaning to every piece of Beirut, infusing life back into that which lost purpose and beauty.

After several treatments and design sketches, the fabrics were ready to be used for dresses, jackets, bags, and more.

“We need to help the people in need, winter season is coming and they can’t live in their damaged houses without windows, glass, doors,” Perla urges.

One piece of each garment of the “Be for Beirut” collection is up for bidding on an auction until toward the end of October, before which the weather will start to change.

In addition, customers are even seeking Perla to transform their own fabrics. “I am already making two custom made pieces for a client who brought me some damaged fabrics from the blast from her own house,” she told The961.

Something meaningful and motivating she also shared with us: “I believe that the relics of Beirut shall remain eternal, and it’s time to write a new chapter for our beloved city full of hope and colors.”

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