13 Transportation Alternatives For When The Fuel Subsidy Is Lifted In Lebanon

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On Thursday, Lebanese caretaker Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar said he wanted people to be ready for when the fuel subsidy is lifted.

He figured that many would probably stop using cars when the price of a canister of gas jumps to a whopping 200,000 LBP and will use something else that is available to move around.

So, since the government is duly providing alternatives – at least in forms and shapes and… memories and dreams – here are some means of transportation you can use instead…

Gear up!

#1 The subway from Beirut to South Lebanon in underground tunnels

The tunnels were conveniently available. For now, you just have to practice some visualization and hope for the best. Have faith!

#2 Lebanon’s famous railway

You could probably find a way to resuscitate the trains resting in graveyards. After all, Lebanese are known to be super smart, super resourceful and the government is particularly counting on that for you to do your magic. Be positive!

#3 Electric cars that can be charged any time of day

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Andrea Prada Bianchi & Sergio Colombo/Al Jazeera

With Lebanon’s state-of-the-art solar grid system, who needs subsidized fuel to commute?

#4 The iconic Beirut tramway to get around the city

Since the country has been regressing, maybe we can also regress to the time when things were much better. Time travel, anyone?

#5 Get yourself a bike

Mohamad Cheblak

Just try to imagine bike lanes on the roads but don’t count too much on car drivers to do the same. Bike safely!

#6 Use ferry rides

After all, Lebanon’s sea coast extends from its North to its South with countless coastal towns and cities. So let the ferry boats roll and roll!

#7 The world’s longest cable car could carry you all the way to Bekaa

Dream may come a reality… Don’t despair!

#8 Domestic flights between the Kleiat and Beirut airports

Since the government shut down the Kleiat airport, the current one might be considering reopening it to serve the citizens. After all, those in charge are doing such a great job taking care of the people.

#9 Double-decker buses you could catch at every bus stop

Tut tut 3a Beirut… Why not? It’s Lebanon, everything is possible, even the unexpected. Just tap into your Lebanese extraordinary patience as you wait for those you’ve elected to make your life easier.

#10 Ditch your car and get yourself a tuk-tuk

They’re surely funny-looking, these three-wheeled rickshaws that have become more and more common in Lebanon over the past year. But get this, you’ll feel you are in Disneyland…even if for a short time before blackouts and longer electricity cuts hit in.

#11 Horse carriages back in circulation

Why not? It could be a lovely option. Slow, true, but some daily romantic mood won’t hurt… Stay positive!

#12 Walk the distance!

A healthy and zero-cost mode of commuting, both your physician and your wallet will certainly agree with! Don’t fret. Consider this: no more irritating traffic jams, no more contributing to air pollution with your car’s toxic fume, no more dieting, and fewer gym sessions. How awesome is that?

And you get to say again ‘sabah el-kheir’ to people like you on your way to work. Hello, long-forgotten friendly tradition!

#13 More organic modes of transportation

Some have already started:

We might also bring those back:

If you don’t have any of the above, it’s time to get yourself one or two!