Travelers Coming To Lebanon Must Follow These New Entry Requirements

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With coronavirus infections on the rise in , stricter measures are being put in place for travelers. Whether you’re returning to your home in or coming for a visit, there are some things you should know.

The following applies to everyone over 12 years of age, except for “UNIFIL and members of accredited diplomatic missions in ”.

Be Negative

During the pandemic is the only time when being negative is a positive thing.

All passengers arriving in must present a legitimate and valid negative PCR test. The test result must be no older than 96 hours before the date.

Do Paperwork

Incoming travelers must also fill out this medical form.

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Coming from , , or Any Country In Africa

If you’re coming from , , or any African country you will be required to perform a second PCR test in the -Rafic Hariri International Airport. You will also have to self-quarantine until your results come out negative.

If it has been only one week since you left , you will only have to do a PCR test at the airport.

Coming from

According to the release on MEA’s website, citizens and residents who arrive from will have to self-quarantine for 72 hours and do a PCR test at their own expense. This applies if you’re Lebanese or non-Lebanese living in .

Other passengers from will have to undergo a second PCR test in the airport then quarantine for 72 hours at any of the hotels approved by the Health Ministry.

To get on board of their flight to Lebanon, these passengers must have prepaid hotel reservations at any of the following hotels in which they will also have to have a third PCR test:

Similarly, if it has been only one week since you left Lebanon, you will only have to do a PCR test at the airport.

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Coming from any other country

If you’re not coming from , , or anywhere on the African continent including , then you will still have to do a PCR test but you can do it within 72 hours from arriving and quarantine at home or a hotel for 10 days.

If it has been only one week since you left Lebanon, you have the choice of doing a PCR test at the airport or doing one within 72 hours of arriving.

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