Tribute To Modernity Art Gallery Will Be Launched By Rebirth Beirut

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Rebirth Beirut Organization will be launching an art exhibition in collaboration with Art Scene Gallery in Gemmayze under the title “Tribute To Modernity.”

The organization stated that it will be showcasing the works of professional and aspiring artists who do modern art “to showcase beauty and culture as befits Beirut.”

Opening day will be on Thursday, June 2nd to June 16th, from 6 pm to 8 pm. The exhibition will be held at the organization’s headquarters within Gemmayze’s main street.

The attendees will include Lebanese Modern artists such as Samir Al Sayegh, Hussein Madi, Mohammad El-Rawas, Jamil Mlaeb, Omar Ansi, and Raouf Rifai.

Art By Hussein Madi
Art by Jamil Mlaeb

That’s In addition to a number of regional modern artists such as the Iraqi artists Riad Nehmeh and Tahseen El-Zaydeh.

Art by Iraqi Artist Tahseen El Zaydi

And Syrian Artists Elias Ayoub and Yasser Safi.

Artwork by Syrian Artist Yasser Safi

Some of the aspiring artists that will be participating in the exhibition are Lama Rabah, Elie Rezk-Allah, and Fatat Bahmad.

Artwork by Fatat Bahmad

British artist Tom Young, who has been residing in Lebanon and documenting his experience through art, will participate too.

Artwork by British Artist Tom Young

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Tribute To Modernity Art Gallery Will Be Launched By Rebirth Beirut

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