Tripoli Bar Association Files Petition To Question ISF Violations Against Protesters

Mohamad Azakir

The Tripoli Bar Association met on Tuesday to go over the case of Tripoli’s detainees, in which a petition was filed to ask the Justice, Interior, and Defense Ministers to account for violations made by the ISF against the civilians.

Members of the Lebanese Internal Security Force (ISF) have been seen on multiple occasions infringing on people’s basic rights, including to demonstrate, attendees of the Tripoli Bar Associations agreed to file this petition, according to local media reports.

They also filed a legal notice for unjustified imprisonments, and deprivation of liberty, as well as calling for a claim from Judge Ghassan Oueidat over security forces’ failure to apply the law that allows the presence of lawyers of detainees.

Tripoli’s detainees are being held by Army Intelligence and the ISF’s Information Branch, following demonstrations against the dire living conditions amid an economic meltdown and a total lockdown.

The detainees were reportedly subjected to assault and abuse of power by the military and “prevented from calling their parents until 4 or 5 days after they were arrested”, according to Legal Agenda.

On Monday, dozens of protesters staged a sit-in in front of the military court in Beirut to demand the release of the detainees.

However, they were met with brutal physical violence by the military as seen by videos circulating on social media exposing them, in particular, a Lieutenant by the name of Roger Kassis, as well as a number of ISF members.

Meanwhile, officials turned a deaf ear to the cries of the helpless people, prompting more demonstrations, notably the blocking of the Ring Bridge with burning tires on and the Cola intersection on Sunday.

People in Lebanon continue to protest over the extension of the nationwide lockdown, as they deem the slight loosening of the restrictions not close to solving a bigger issue, their livelihood.

Calls have been also circulating on social media for a demonstration against police oppression on Wednesday in front of the Military Court.

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