Watch Tripoli Protesters Cheer For The Lebanese Doctor After He Exits Interrogation


A Lebanese dentist and activist, Dr. Ramy Finge, was summoned by authorities on Tuesday for providing food to people in need at Al-Nour Square in Tripoli.

Finge is a well-known doctor in Tripoli and loved among social circles. He also happens to support the October 17 revolution.

As a personal initiative, Finge and a group of his friends decided to provide home-cooked meals for poor and hungry citizens of Tripoli. This led authorities to summon him for questioning.

Locals immediately called for a demonstration at Al-Tal, Tripoli in front of the police station where Finge was interrogated on Thursday morning.

Citizens celebrated and cheered for him when he finished the interrogation. The solidarity and support are a testament to his popularity and independence from any suspicious behavior.

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