Tripoli Has Just Launched a New Initiative for Waste Management

The head of Fayhaa Municipalities Federation, Tripoli Mayor Eng. Ahmad Qamareddin has recently launched a new project the “typical street in Tripoli” for sorting waste at source in the street of Ashier El-Daya.


Via Annahar

Mayor Ahmad Qamareddine announced the launching of this new project from the courtyard of the school Rawdat Al-Fayhaa, stressing on the importance of this project in different fields.

Via Rawdat Al-Fayhaa


In his words, he said that this project aims to educate the boys and girls about important bases for their lives. He explained that sorting at source is a very important issue for the municipality, especially that the waste problem is exacerbating in Tripoli and can only be solved by the method of the new project.

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Speaking about the decision of launching this new project, Mr. Ahmad explained, “We, in Fayhaa Municipalities Federation, decided to define a typical street in every city. In Tripoli, we wanted the typical street Ashier El Daya to be used for sorting waste because this street produces waste in multiple forms and types.”


He added, “There are houses shops, companies, schools, hospitals, restaurants and others [in that street], and by starting today with this project asserts that the idea is good, and we hope to transfer it to all regions, as this is the only solution for the waste in the future.”

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Qamareddine promised that the Fayhaa Municipalities Federation will later launch the “typical streets” in the cities of the Almina, Beddawi, and Qalamoun and thus spread this experience to the rest of the streets in the city of Tripoli and the cities of Fayhaa.


We have been witnessing, in the past months, various constructive initiatives and projects that call for recycling and waste reduction, among which the activation of the at-source waste management project issued by Minister of Environment Fadi Jreissati in the districts of Mount-Lebanon.

Some or many might still complain that we are drowning in our waste and that nothing is being done about it by the government; however, these projects and initiatives are ongoing proofs that we are moving towards a cleaner country and cleaner habits.

These cleaners habits are our individual role and responsibility in endorsing these newer regulations. Let us meet our municipalities half-way by joining hands with their efforts in ending our garbage crisis for a cleaner Lebanon.


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