Tripoli Just Proved To The World Why It Is Indeed Better Together

indeed better together

For the past couple years, Christmas has been an opportunity for cities all over Lebanon to light up with joy and take pride in their seasonal decorations – sometimes even competing among each other. This December, someone unexpected stepped into the game!

Lebanon’s second largest city, Tripoli, fascinated the country with its holiday spirit this year, creating the greatest celebration of Christian and Islamic coexistence called The End-of-Year Festivities, commissioned by Tripoli’s newest NGO Indeed Better Together.

Indeed Better together is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, aiming to serve underprivileged individuals and families in Tripoli and North Lebanon. According to the organisation:

The main objective of these activities is to remap Tripoli socially and culturally through spreading joy and incarnating the conviviality between Lebanese citizens.

The event made use of Oscar Niemeyer’s formally neglected Rachid Karami International Fair, and includes a Christmas village décor, cultural and musical events with International Artists, football player Roberto Carlos, kids area entertainment with a full on ice skating rink and carousel, exhibitions from different private sectors, associations and social institutions, as well as art and craft workshops, gifts distribution to more than 2000 orphans and deprived kids, and much more.

Souk El Akel was also present during the activities in Tripoli!

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If you look closely at this picture taken below, you can see the different elements of the Christmas tree that combine the two celebrations.

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Voting has begun for the most beautiful Christmas tree of 2016 and Tripoli’s already in first place! You can vote for it here

As the name of the NGO states, Tripoli has proven once again that we are indeed better together and that peaceful coexistence prevails.

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