Tripoli, Lebanon in 10 Amazing Photos

Tripoli is a must-visit region! If you’re up for some fun, then pack your bag and head north! Full of khans, souks, and good food, Tripoli must be visited once in a while!

Located in the North, Tripoli is the second largest city in Lebanon.

Tripoli comes from the Greek name ‘Tripolis’ meaning ‘three cities.’

This city is close to the Palm Islands Nature Reserve which is the home of the endangered loggerhead turtle and 156 species of birds.

Tripoli is also famous for manufacturing all kinds of soap! 

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Street art embellishes the city’s walls with fun colors!

You should definitely try drinking coffee or tea on a sidewalk café in one of Tripoli’s busy streets. 

Don’t forget to take your camera with you because Tripoli is one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Lebanon!

Tripoli is home to buildings inspired by the Mamluk architectural style. 

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