Tripoli Startup Forum Is Taking Place This Week & Here Are All The Details

TEC-Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club

The Tripoli Startup Forum 2022 is the 4th annual exhibition for North Lebanon startups and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This year, the theme is “Rethinking Solutions in Times of Crisis.”

Due to the many crises that Lebanese people are facing, the forum aims to drive forward the entrepreneurial scene by “rethinking the way we do business, reshaping the way we generate business solutions, and trying to find innovative alternatives for the sustainable growth of the business ecosystem in Tripoli and North Lebanon.”

“We usually do this event every year,” said the organizers, “but we’ve held off on doing it for the past 2 years due to COVID measures. With the situation becoming more manageable, we figured it’s time to rekindle the local community with inspiration, opportunities, and more importantly, solutions.”

The Tripoli Startup Forum is expecting over 1,000 attendees, with over 1,000 registrations so far, along with over 50 exhibitors, 15 speakers, and 12 startups pitching for investment.

What makes this edition special, is its extension over 3 days and 3 different locations with the purpose of innovating for solutions in 3 different industries: Creative Industry, F&B Industry, and ICT Industry.

The event will be taking place on February 24, 25, and 26.


Day 1 – February 24, 2022

Focusing on rethinking solutions in the Creative industry.

The panel will take place between 3-4pm and will host the founder of Creative Space Beirut, Sarah Hermez, co-founder & community director of Silverline Community, Mohamad Harfoush Co-founder, Columbus and Winner Force.

Then at 4pm, the latest designs of emerging startups in the fashion industry will be showcased through a runway show.

Day 2 – February 25, 2022

Focusing on innovation in the Food & Beverage industry.

Panel from 3pm to 4pm with the founder and director of Quality Control Laboratories, Dr. Khaled al Omari, the founder of Digi Web, Fady Sayah, the managing director of Zee Beverages, Zeina Achi, the founder of NoGarlicNoOnions, Anthony Rahayel, as well as the production director of Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons, Zaher Hallab.

It will be followed by a Food & Beverages Industry Hackathon till 5pm aimed at making traditional food products in Tripoli more innovative and scalable.

Day 3 – February 26, 2022

Focusing on rethinking solutions in the Information and Computer Technology industry.

The day will begin with keynotes and talks by President of the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli, Toufic Dabbousi, the programs director of Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club, Farah Sabsabi, the co-founder and director of Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club, Fadi Mikati, and the co-founder of Columbus and Winner Force, Mohamad Harfoush.

At 10:40am, Creative Industry Pitches will begin where startups can pitch for funding. Followed by an exhibition tour.

At noon, the CEO and board member of Carrefour France, Rami Baitieh, and angel investor and founder of Naprotek, Najat El Ayi Badrieh, will talk on the From Tripoli to the World panel. This if followed by pitches by startups in the F&B industry.

Between 2:30pm and 3:30pm, the founder & MD of Slingshot Digital Agency and Dizly Corp, Nizar Wannous, the co-founder of CME Offshore, Jean Bou Rjeily, the CTO of Toters, Abdallah Bakhach, the co-founder of Ubility, Khaled Dassouki, and the founder of Soft Retail, Fahim Mawas will be talking.

At 3:30pm, startups in the ICT industry will be pitching for funding.

At 4pm, Business development and humanitarian specialist, Daniel Delati, and the co-founder of TripoLine, Wael Zmerly will be talking.

At 4:40pm, the winning pitches will be announced.

The event offers promising startups and businesses from TEC’s startup seeds acceleration and Business Elevation Unit programs an opportunity to win a sizable financial grant.

For more information about the Tripoli Startup Forum 2022, check their website.