Tripoli Will Remove All Political Posters From its City!

The “Bride of the Revolution” has been proving to be more of a Queen than a bride, really, and she keeps impressing us. Its beautiful people of the revolution have now taken to enact that which they have been claiming loud and clear, and musically and artistically: Kellon Ya3ne Kellon, all political leaders must go.


Henceforth, on Thursday, November 7, they are embarking on a massive cleaning campaign, literally, to remove all the political posters from the walls of their city, which is the second largest in Lebanon.

This is more than an active statement of wanting their city beautifully clean without the overwhelming posters of politicians. It is a confirmation of their civic disobedience against sectarianism and all the political elite, which they hold responsible for the nation’s long sufferings.

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Three weeks through the protests, and the determination of the Tripolitans to achieve the revolution hasn’t abated nor dwindled any day; on the contrary, they are more adamant than ever.

They have even stood at all times as an unwavering beacon of moral support to their fellow protesters across Lebanon, all the way to Nabatieh. Powerfully inspiring, they have been to all. We do also expect that their new initiative will be inspiring all other Lebanese cities and towns to do the same.

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Tripoli, that beautiful ancient city of Lebanon, the capital of the North, stands back today to claim its vital role in the nation; a role it held for thousands of years before the civil war, and the political and sectarian aftermath that have suffocated it. 

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Its people are claiming their rights for their city to shine back brightly and progressively, as it used to be, under one flag and with one national identity: Lebanese. A week ago, they made it a resounding statement: The Azan call for prayer and the Church bells reverberated simultaneous in the city while they all raised high their Lebanese flags


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