Tripoli’s Amputee Protester is Now Walking on Both Legs!

You might remember the Lebanese revolutionary Mohammad el Zo’by from his famous picture that took over the internet a month ago. Mohammad, who had an amputated leg, was photographed holding his crutch in one hand and a groom in another, cleaning the El Nejme Square in Tripoli before another day of revolution started. 


Anyone who saw the picture at the time felt proud and was impressed beyond means. Here he was, Mohammad el Zo’by, another citizen of Tripoli gaining the respect of the Lebanese people. Almost immediately, the protester was appointed the symbol of the bride of the revolution (Tripoli).

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He was given that title because people thought of him as similar to Tripoli. This Lebanese city, much like Mohammed, went through so many struggles, obstacles, and difficulties, yet still maintains its strength, its motivation, and its will to improve and make a positive change. 


One of the people who were deeply moved by him is Lebanese doctor Raed Lattouf, who has a clinic for cosmetic and implant dentistry in Sin El Fil, in Beirut.

Upon seeing Mohammed’s photograph on Social Media, Dr. Raed posted it on his Facebook page, asking for anyone who knows who “the brave man” in the picture to please inform him as he would like to help him.

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Dr. Lattouf said in that post that if Mohammed accepts his help and approves that he will start him with a prosthetic procedure right away; and that is exactly what happened.

On the same day, Mohammed got in touch with Dr. Latouf, and their humane and loving journey started. The medical team at the Harika Center started working on installing a prosthetic for Mohammed on the 2nd of November, with the presence of Dr. Raed and the Lebanese people’s prayers.

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In his interview with Al-Nahar, Mohammed described the process as following: “It took about a month to prepare for making the device, taking measurements and exercising to adapt to it. This advanced and modern device allows me to work and stand without having to take it out every while I rest.”

He further explained, “I can stay in it for 16 continuous hours without getting tired. This is what I’ve always dreamed of. It’s a very sweet feeling.” This is delightful to hear, knowing that this 42-year-old man is an active father and citizen.

In addition to his full time job, Mohammed el Zo’by is one of the volunteers who clean the El Nejme Square each morning at 4:00 am.


Once the protesters start coming to the Square, Mohammed’s 3rd routine of the day is selling them coffee, which is what he does to make an extra income that helps him take care of his four daughters. 

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He used to do all these activities tirelessly and passionately on one leg, so we are glad things got much easier for him right now. Dr. Raed Lattouf posted a video of Mohammed walking for the first time since he was 6 years old upon injuring his leg in a car accident and losing it to a medical mistake.


This selfless and kind-hearted human being captioned the video with these amazing words: “We praise God for this success… May these steps be a change that will improve the quality of Mohammed’s life and allow him complete self-sufficiency … A big thank you to Harika Center and its team for the moral and material contribution.”

As for Mohammed, he expressed his joy and happiness right after the surgery, saying that he can’t wait to go home and show his kids since it will be the first time they’ll ever see him walk on both legs and without the help of a crutch.

See the video of him walking on both legs for the first time in 36 years:

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