Dozens Of Trucks Caught On Video Smuggling Fuel To Syria From Lebanon

The Daily Star/Mohammad Azakir

After some Lebanese citizens seized trucks carrying wheat and flour to Syria from Lebanon, they now just caught dozens of other trucks smuggling fuel; another necessity that Lebanon is running out of.

This video was taken by the people of the revolution in Jdita, Bekaa. It shows dozens of tanks coming from Dahr El-Baydar and heading to Syria.

The person who took the video said that these tanks had ‘vegetable oil’ stickers on them, but it was clear to those present that the trucks carried fuel.

As the person who posted the video online wrote: “Don’t bother and write ‘vegetable oil’ on these trucks anymore. Fuel can be smelled all the way to Cyprus.”

Other photos circulating online showed fuel tanks leaving Beirut harbor. The post caption reads: “Tanks carrying fuel leaving Beirut harbor to Syria, all the while generators in the country are turned off. There’s no fuel in Lebanon, they are smuggling them to Syria.”

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